Premier League 21/22: Gameweek 5 (Sep 17-19)


He’s still quick enough to leave most defenders behind and make the same runs he’s always made.

The issue isn’t his runs, it’s the chances he’s getting and surely that’s on his manager?
Are we sure about that though? Hard to objectively measure without Opta, and the measurable result of those runs (goals) has dried up of late.

He scored 11 in 19 during his first half season under the same manager. I think it's more than fair to wonder if something else is amiss.


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I reckon it’s a bit of both with Auba.

The tactical set up does not suit Auba (or the attack generally). Apart from Norwich, we just don’t create many chances. Our attack is a disaster in the final third, far too many players are falling short in their decision making.

However, some eyes must also be put on Auba. He’s been scuffing nearly every single chance he’s been getting for a while. I still don’t think he’s past it, though. Think it’s more of a mental thing than anything, as others have said his physical attributes and speed have negligibly declined, if at all. Which is quite amazing for his age.

It’s just such a shame to me that most of aubas time spent here has been under one of the most negative and tactically rigid coaches in Europe (when compared to the club and it’s size/resources).

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Sp**s kept it a contest for the first half but Chelsea blew them out of the water later.

It's going to be them & United vying for the title with Liverpool & City the outsiders.

Having said that, City didn't hit the ground running until late last season. I'm not discounting them but Chelsea look like the team to beat.


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Watching Match of the Day from Saturday and seeing Liverpool (3 goals all from corners, lucky not to give up a penalty late on when it was 1-0, and lucky not to have seen it equalised by Edouard in a separate chance soon after) and City struggle against lower sides at home puts a bit our away win at Burnley into context. Rather surprised how difficult they found it, more difficult than we did in both cases, in what would look on paper to be easier fixtures both. Perhaps Burnley is just ****, home or away, tbh (I think there's a pretty good case for this, wouldn't be surprised to see them relegated).

Can anyone explain to me, btw, how that Willock challenge on Dan James is not called a penalty? Even after a VAR review? Looks a stonewall penalty to me...

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