Premier League 21/22: Gameweek 6 (Sep 25-27)


Arséne Wenger: "I will miss you"
Apparently Emi was chirping Ronaldo for not taking the PK. Great mental game.
I think he had a beef with Pogba or Ronaldo there.

Either way, it was soooo funny

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I have been telling so long.. Just to slate Mikel ppl here big up ole. He is such a fraud. Can't believe AM just loves anyone other teams have.
No one rates Ole, it's just the comparison to Arteta who's ****ing useless that's annoying. As if being equal to or better than Ole is a benchmark when he's dragging us towards lower midtable


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Martinez has been rather mediocre this season. The fact that he told a bunch of scumbags to suck him off doesnt change that.

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Ole stayed long because he's their legend and expetations from him were low when he came in United.Kinda made some good results over time and saved his ass in imporant moments.Average manager at best.


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Ole shouldn’t be complaining. Villa had many good chances, and we’re unlucky not to have scored a couple more.


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Ole will be gone at end of season even if he finish top 4 if utd won't make change then they board is just don't want to get back win things the last thing they won is europa league and it been 4-5 years. If they need to challenge Chelsea city Liverpool this extra step i don't think they in risk to drop out of top 4 even if they make change neither us Leicester Sp**s anywhere near to finish top 4

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