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Premier League 21/22: Gameweek 6 (Sep 25-27)


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Heartbroken for Paddy.

State of that Palace defending though, last kick of the game, ffs!


Cedric and Mari ruined my life
They showed the Pires penalty against Man City, Carragher asks why Danny Mills was so angry and Henry says "when was he not angry?" :lol:


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Maupay must be the least sympathetic PL around. His celebration after his late equaliser was just so over the top ****housery.


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it's good to read a lot of praise for what Paddy has already achieved with Palace though, and especially coming after such an experienced manager

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I started clapping myself... until I realised that I was Sunderland's manager.

Peter Reid after Bergkamp's goal against Sunderland.