Premier League 21/22: Gameweek 9 (Oct 22-24)


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certain man are just different


Bruce Wayne
Don't know which Scholes clip people are on about, only clip I have seen is him saying United would be battered by Liverpool.
The one of him noncing his daughter's foot. Proper repulsive. If you didn't mean that one then alright.

Henry boi

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Society is all kind of ****ed up today, yall heads always in the gutters, I honestly think the fact that yall let your minds race That fast says a lot about people today. Scholes did not suck her daughters toes from what I saw. He bit a toenail off that it. What so inappropriate about that? , he did not touch her inappropriately in anyway. Stay off P*rn


Only Came To See Granit Xhaka
I know a family from Egypt living in my neighborhood, I can only imagine what they will say for Salah now, how he is the greatest in the world, and their children screaming Salahs name whenever and whereever possible. Just cant stand them tbh.


Only Came To See Granit Xhaka
If I was a racist I would not know them. Just too much appreciation ...and pride,


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I think it's been a perfect weekend for Arsenal. It was a mistake to draw against Crystal Palace because if we had got the 3 points we would have been 5th, just 1 point below to get top 4.

At least, we are close to reach top 4 and we have a tough game on Saturday against Leicester. If we win, we have a huge chance to get our goal.

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