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Premier League 23/24: Gameweek 10 (Oct 27-29)


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United are just hilarious, they spend £100's of millions on new players every summer and never seem to get any better.

Players just go to **** as soon as they walk through the door, Onana, Amrabat, Mount and Hojlund cost £200m and are all decent or promising players but they haven't made any impact whatsoever.

All United fans are quick to blame the Glazers but I don't see how having a grotty, outdated stadium makes players forget how to do the basics like control and pass a football!


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Lol utd have 11 goals in 10 league games 🤣 wolves got more goals.

They in deep trouble
They struggled with goals last season too but were saved by Rashford who was desperate for a new, massive contract. Soon as he got it, he went back to his usual, half-arsed performances.

Told a United friend that Rashford will not reach the same heights and they lack goals elsewhere. Bruno won't get 15 goals, nevermind Antony and Gernancho. Only other option is the new no.9 and he's not getting much service.

ETH messed up the midfield with the signing of Mount. He should have spent that money on a proven midfield goalscorer, a number 8, and get another number 10. Bruno is a huge liability.


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I’ll give United the benefit of the doubt, they have been massacred by injuries. Think they’re better than what we’ve seen this season.

All their attackers are fit, they can't score goals.
Allthough arguably their biggest goal threat Casemiro wasn't playing today.....

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