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How much money have United spent, even just since Ten Hag got there and they're now down clear 6th best, and that's at best. Hojland, Antony, Amrabat, Casemiro, Martinez, Malacia, Reguilon, Onana, Mount as well as big money signings he inherited too or big names like Varane and Sancho. Ole did a far FAR better job.
This is why it’s not as simple as money spent = success. There’s other intangibles involved especially in completely transforming a club.

ETH proving to be a fraud (and also not imaginable at all in the transfer market) but a lot of managers have tried and failed at United now- whatever they touch turns to ****, because it’s a top down culture issue.

I see Arsenal as being in the same situation as them when Arteta first came in. Fallen giant becoming a banter club, after a very long stint from a legendary manager… trying to get to grips with a changed game and moving on from a dynasty. Players playing less than the sum of their parts.

You don’t solve this by *just* throwing money at the situation, which is why certain posters are being disingenuous pretending we should have achieved more in the couple seasons or *should* win the league this season. Arteta has made some tough and polarising decisions with the backing of the dressing room which has got us to this point.

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