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Premier League 23/24: Gameweek 12 (Nov 11 & 12)

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Get me Jesus on the phone 📲
Will have to see it again, but what you described counts as a “different phase of play” anyway. Whatever happened before the throw in doesn’t matter basically.
Yeah I guess but you know how it goes... Had he got a foul there, the throw in wouldn't have happened and there would be no goal. Whatever it is, bomb of a game


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City’s boy is Chelsea’s man. Class line. I don’t know why people hate on Drury


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To this affronted by my comments on Haalands ugliness. Just consider this, if his eyes were just one inch closer together he'd be a cyclops with a stub nose and a Neanderthal fore head... 😯


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Chelsea did so well today. The fact that we all thought it was over before it had started when we saw City's line-up!

After spending 1 billion we can expect more from Chelsea tbf but i can understand what you mean.
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