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Premier League 23/24: Gameweek 14 (Dec 2 & 3)



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Win at Emirates then lean back and hope for a draw in Newcastle and also at Etihad the day after.


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The sheikhs in Saudis wanna watch their games later at night time
It’s because United played on Wednesday night, so it got moved from the original 12:30 slot TNT wanted.


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Ange high-line with Emerson Royal and Ben Davies as CBs, v Haaland...


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Surprisingly no early Saturday kick off. Could be another good weekend for us because tow of the current top 6 will drop points


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This is a good GW

Burnley vs Sheffield relegation battle (though I'll be busy watching arsenal)
Potter/Cucu/Sanchez derby
Battle of the Uniteds
City vs Sp**s - any result (except a narrow city win) here is great for us, if city win they should hopefully thrash Sp**s

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