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Great 🤩 Premier League 23/24: Gameweek 15 (Dec 5-7)

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A couple of home games in a row for Sp**s but they’re both against teams in the top half of the table. When it rains it pours 🤞


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tbf we were terrible first half, but Chelsea's goals were a bullshit pen and a wildly miss-hit cross, and we should have scored 3 or 4 second half. Our baseline is as good as their best
Yes and Chelsea at Stanford Bridge haven`t been bad at all. They got draws against Liverpool and City as well.


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@GDeep™ must have logged into Joey Barton’s Twitter account.

Is Barton making a point though?

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Two feisty battles tonight. Need son Gordon and Trippier to step it up. Monitoring kudos too 👀


Kai's having the time of my life

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West spam don't stand a chance. Angeball will murder them lads

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