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Premier League 23/24: Gameweek 31 (Apr 2-4)

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They’ll get two points from that - a draw at both Chelsea and Newcastle.
i can't see getting win against Chelsea they have bad record there and Newcastle depend on injures. they more likely getting point from man city.


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West Ham should have won that. Sp**s created nothing of note, a few crosses flashed across. Is 'Ange-ball' still a thing?

Just a lot of running around and opportunistic crosses by plodders like Kulu, This Sp**s side is devoid of any technical quality


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Oh, just seen Chelsea have loads of games in hand. So if they win their next three they could be 6th 🤔

This season is weird
Those games are Man United H, Brighton A and Tottenham H. Four points at best with the way they’re playing imo.


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He’s gonna give City that extra dimension next season sadly.
He's still under investigation and will likely get banned. I don't think anyone is buying him until they know what kind of sanction they're dealing with.

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Best side in the known universe only manages a tame draw against West Ham.

Doesn't matter, title race is still on I suppose :lol:


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Emery every time it's time to do something to help Arsenal:

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Villa have such notable attacking patterns, and they do them so well.

That goal they scored against us at Villa Park? You'll see it at least once every game they play.

By the way, think they score against City here. They are transitioning well.
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