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Premier League 23/24: Gameweek 6 (Sep 23 & 24)


It’s Timo Time

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Man Utd will win unfortunately but they will play against relegation contenders so that wont mean much.

dino bravo

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Have Burnley got any chance? I have only watched 45 mins of them this season, and that was against Man City.


Kai's having the time of my life

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Boring games. Only care about city and they'll tear forest apart.


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Boring fixtures. Been like this all season though, it’s hard to find stand out games.

The Saturday fixtures are a mess 😂 no 12:30 kick off. Should have put the NLD on today at 17:30 and Liverpool vs West Ham as the main game tomorrow.


In The Winchester, Waiting For This To Blow Over

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More games on at 2pm tomorrow than 3pm on a Saturday, ****show ffs 😅

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