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Win Premier League: Arsenal 2 - 0 Luton Town | Wednesday 3rd April | KO: 19:30 BST | TNT Sports

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Arsenal 4-0 Luton Town

Black Noir

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This month of April might be the most hectic schedule for us after a long-time. I am praying .We need to rotate against Luton though. Tomiyasu, Zinchenko, Partey and Trossard should start against Luton. I do not, think we will smash them. But should , get the job done. Plus , Luton are only good at home, to be honset.


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Interesting that for both teams, their biggest win and biggest defeat were to the same opponent (West Ham for us, Brighton for them)

Liverpool have Sheffield Utd the following day so I hope this will be a statement win (goals++ and a clean sheet)

Tom Mix

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If we want to win a trophy this season we have to rotate for this game. No way do we play our first XI from the start. You saw Saka yesterday. Play him against Luton and then against Brighton and you might as well start with 10 against Bayern.

Jorginho hasn't got the legs to pay seven games in a month. Neither, at the moment, has Partey. So those two are going to have to share duties.

If we get injuries we're going to need the likes of Vieira, ESR and Nelson to contribute. This is the best game for them to have good minutes.

Start Trossard, give Martinelli half an hour. Start Zinchenko.

Luton have improved since we last played them and they gave us a fright but this is at home. We'll beat them. Would be nice to hold the goal difference lead on Liverpool but they have no other fish to fry, we have a CL to win as well. We cannot risk killing our important players with too much playing time and possibly injuries for the sake of an extra goal on our goal difference. Risks/rewards.

SA Gunner

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We need to win firstly, but we need to win handsomely as well.

What will matter in this run in is fitness and game efficiency, but goal difference as well.

Mrs Bergkamp

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The first thing is to win. Sit Saka on the bench at most and hope the squad can do a job. As much as I understand the desire for control, I hope we can blow them away early and limit Luton to damage limitation play. COYG


I'd rest Saka, he's clearly not 100% and we're going to need him. Jesus in for him and Trossard on the other side, with Martinelli getting at least half an hour.

This is the sort of game Zinchenko excels in as well. Games we dominant against lesser opposition at home, where he can get on the ball and dictate play without too much exposure the other way.

Think it's important we get some more minutes in Parteys legs too. He's a game changer for us in the middle on song, but he's woefully out of form and not match fit. Yet. This is a perfect game to work towards correcting it.

Echoing the main sentiment, three points is the priority here. Secondly, we should be aiming to retain our GD margin against Liverpool who have a real chance to rack up the goals the next day. Its an extra point up our sleeve if this continues to be such a close run thing.

Exciting month ahead. Its good we've such important games twice a week in April. Bring it on.
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