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Premier League: Arsenal 2 - 1 Everton | KO: 16:00 BST | TNT Sports

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Here it is, fellow Gooners, our last hurrah.

Much like you all, I'm hopeful for next season when, God willing, we'll have reinforced in key positions to allow us to take the game to City from Matchday 1.

We've bled, sweat & toiled to get where we are by MERIT & MERIT ALONE!!

The lads will definitely be infuriated by the gamesmanship yesterday & will be looking to punish Everton whilst hoping a miracle happens some 260 kilometers.

Nothimg is impossible. As long as we do our part.

Corruption will not deny us our destiny.

Incompetent officiating will not deny us our destiny.

City will not deny us our destiny. We will prevail!!

Arsenal 4 - Everton 0 and, God willing, City 0 - West Ham 1.

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Riou... "I don't want Sp**s to win trophies"

AM... "boooooo!"""

Riou.. "I want Arsenal to win trophies"

AM... "BOOOOOOO!!!!"

The last few days have been very eye opening to me, ngl.
You should summon your inner Sammy Wilson AM alter ego. Be who you were meant to be....


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Anyone expecting a goal-fest today should remember that Everton - despite having had a poor season - have the 4th best defensive record in the league. Apart from the one blip against Chelsea they never get beaten by more than two goals. We beat them 0-1 away and City beat them 2-0 at their place.

In a way glad we're not in a turkey shoot out contest against them with our advantage in goal difference down to 1 it probably wouldn't have been enough.


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If we ever needed that somalian strain of juuj we could sure do with it now bro @Sapient Hawk.

With my looks I could pass for Somali so dm me some incantations and I'mma give it a go on my phone, see if that does anything.


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Gonna take City to literally implode and for them to miss a million chances which is very unlikely. But all we can do is focus on making sure we don't mess up our game. Make them have to win their game and pray to the football gods 🙏
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