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Premier League: Arsenal 2 - 1 Everton | KO: 16:00 BST | TNT Sports

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Here it is, fellow Gooners, our last hurrah.

Much like you all, I'm hopeful for next season when, God willing, we'll have reinforced in key positions to allow us to take the game to City from Matchday 1.

We've bled, sweat & toiled to get where we are by MERIT & MERIT ALONE!!

The lads will definitely be infuriated by the gamesmanship yesterday & will be looking to punish Everton whilst hoping a miracle happens some 260 kilometers.

Nothimg is impossible. As long as we do our part.

Corruption will not deny us our destiny.

Incompetent officiating will not deny us our destiny.

City will not deny us our destiny. We will prevail!!

Arsenal 4 - Everton 0 and, God willing, City 0 - West Ham 1.

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Loves Overhyping Our Rivals
If two teams can be champions on the last matchday, there should be a third game between the 1st and 2nd to decide the winner. Don't change my mind.


Vrei sa pleci dar una una iei

Just think too much is being made about how "proud" everyone should be of the team, to finish 2nd and win no cups.

Think our standards should be a little better than that 🤷‍♂️

We have done an absolute magnificent season, our standards are high?

Andrew Cole Linighan

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Apparently the club were rehearsing the trophy lift on the pitch. Wtf? Why do you need to rehearse how to lift a trophy
If they have rehearsed the Trophy list, I presume that Adidas have produced 'Premier League Champions 23/24'. T-shirts for the players to wear. IF ARSENAL WERE TO WIN THE PREMIER LEAGUE.
Waiting for the t-shirts to be recycled, when we finish 2nd in the League.


In The Winchester, Waiting For This To Blow Over

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Last time we went into this situation, was back in 1999.

United beat us to the title that day and there was tears in the stands, can't wait until today is over and the Ashburton Army is having an orgy for putting the pressure on City...guess that's the difference between Highbury and Emirates though.


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Rumours we gonna have a trophy celebration even if we finish second. The club will give the players some sort of medal

Sapient Hawk

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If we ever needed that somalian strain of juuj we could sure do with it now bro @Sapient Hawk.

With my looks I could pass for Somali so dm me some incantations and I'mma give it a go on my phone, see if that does anything.

Rest assured, brother @Macho I've payed off every Somali shaman from Muqdisho to Melbourne.

Such are the forces arrayed against him that, before long, Pep will be in such a state

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