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Win Premier League: Arsenal 2 - 1 Wolves | Saturday 2nd December | KO: 15:00 GMT

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Arsenal 3-0 Wolves


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I think Wolves have two key players out. Mind you Brenford had lots of starters missing in the last PL game and we only just scraped through.

Happy with a post CL hangover classic 1-0. We were at half throttle in the second half last night and lots of players came off early. Also, Jesus looked back to his effervescent best yesterday, which is.......

Go full strength in this again, ideally get the game won early to rest for Luton away

Wolves are without Lemina, Gomes and most likely Neto as he's injured

They've performed much better this season than their league position shows, beating both Sp**s and City, and should have got something from Utd too so shouldn't be taken too lightly

It will be tough to break them down so would hope Arteta would replicate the same team as against Lens with only one holding midfielder, Gabriel and Saliba just need to be switched on for the quick counter

I'm going 3-1 Arsenal, as we seem to struggle to keep clean sheets at home more than away

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Well back we go to facing boring deep block and people gonna moan about how s**t offensively we are like its our fault. But hopefully we try get early goal wolves manager is good one he won't really spend all game defending even tho he might be forced with few key players out.

Still just get 3 points don't care about performance. Same line up played yesterday

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This will be a tough game.

O'Neil will have his team keeping us out of their box for long spells, and also severely limit our ability to combine in those areas.

I want to see us start quickly, as we did against Brentford. More vertical play, looking for a quick opening before Wolves can settle in. Getting back to that early goal will be important for us.

Assuming our usual league performances, I'd say a laboured 2-0 to Arsenal.


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Just wanna see our best starting XI and some coherent attacking display without defensive duds.

No expectations, hope for a win, but CL midweek is a *****.


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While Wolves seem to be a tricky side, we actually have a pretty decent record vs them over the last 20 (14-3-3). All 3 losses came over the 2019-21 period, not our brightest years. Also they aren't those sharp-toothed hard to break beasts they've been under Nuno. At least I hope so.

So unless we suffer from some of that CL hangover, I'm quite positive we bag all 3 on Sat.


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Interesting that the very first thing Arteta did yesterday in terms of resting was subbing both fullbacks at halftime. I think if you took a poll most fans would have subbed Saka (was going to type 'pull Saka off' but it didn't pass the vibe check)


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Same starting eleven as Lens, please.

Hopefully be able to give Trossard and Nelson and Nketiah minutes to keep or build sharpness


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Rotate someone, Kiwi in for Gabriel please.


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Same 11 as CL

This might not be straightforward. O'Neil troubled us with Bournemouth last time he came to Emirates. Even though wolves are having injury issues, this could be tough.

Still we should win though. Can't lose these points.
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