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Win Premier League: Arsenal 3 - 1 Tottenham Hotspurs | Saturday 1st, October | KO: 12:30 | BT Sport

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This is really massive. A win is a must imo. These sort of games, performance usually matters. It's the results that matter.

Arteta will have to learn from his mistakes at Old Trafford. We know the sort of threat Sp**s carry. Their midfield is dogshit. They have Royal, Sanchez, Dier and Sessengnon in their back five.

They'll put 10 men behind the ball and wait for a chink to appear in our amour and they'll exploit it ruthlessly and Son has just come back to form right in time for the derby.

We should have all our players back for this (save for Elneny) barring an injuries in the international break.






I think it will be the same lineup vs Brentford tbh.

Arsenal 2-0 Sp**s

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Comfortable 2 - 0 winners, with us imposing our style onto them as we did at Utd, and Tets having no doubt learnt from the Utd game in terms of conceding goals from counters. Contesexuals in the bin, looking to delete our accounts in shame as the fraud Conte is exposed for what he is, a counter attacking hoof ball merchant who lucked out with Son and Kane. At least I hope so.

If Partey is out yet again it won't be as comfortable but should still grind it out.


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Hope we can win so we can kill the chances of Sp**s having an invincible season, something Conte already achieved back then with Juve


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I watched the highlights of their game against City from last season. They were excellent at cutting through City who were not pressing them and closing down lanes properly.

Their game is designed around exploiting ball playing opposition mistakes, they are Man United on steroids in that respect.

I think they’ll be looking for 1v1 situations in our last line like they did with Holding as well, someone like Gabriel comes to mind there.

Let’s do something different on the day, like going long and attacking their back line directly at times. Our press is good enough to smother them in tight spaces I reckon.
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