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Win Premier League: Arsenal 3 - 1 Tottenham Hotspurs | Saturday 1st, October | KO: 12:30 | BT Sport

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This is really massive. A win is a must imo. These sort of games, performance usually matters. It's the results that matter.

Arteta will have to learn from his mistakes at Old Trafford. We know the sort of threat Sp**s carry. Their midfield is dogshit. They have Royal, Sanchez, Dier and Sessengnon in their back five.

They'll put 10 men behind the ball and wait for a chink to appear in our amour and they'll exploit it ruthlessly and Son has just come back to form right in time for the derby.

We should have all our players back for this (save for Elneny) barring an injuries in the international break.






I think it will be the same lineup vs Brentford tbh.

Arsenal 2-0 Sp**s

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Anybody else thinking we should start Tierney (if he’s past the concussion) over Zinny in this game? Really worried about that front 3 exposing him defensively, and they’ll let us have the ball. He won’t be needed to control possession.


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we lost. we haven't won there in 8 years.

stop confusing the requirements of winning a title with those of getting 4th place. placing 4th is always about getting the results that you're expected to get. Giving an awful Southampton their only win (and at our ground no less) in the last 12 games of the season is a perfect example of where a 4th place candidate loses all legitimacy at playing in the CL.
So all that change of culture narrative is for nothing? Good to know.


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So all that change of culture narrative is for nothing? Good to know.
look, I get it. last season was probably one of the most infuriating because a lot of our failings were (at least to fans) reasonably avoidable and easily attributable to management. I understand that we tend to get caught up in this fantasy that our ideas about running the club could have resulted in this or that, particularly when our speculative imaginations have nothing better to do. it's part of fandom and it's part of what makes the whole thing engaging.

but football, if anything, is about the moment. and at the moment we seem to be doing reasonably well. while i won't begrudge armchair experts their place under the sun, I just like to point out that the constant implication that fans who are trying to enjoy the moment are simply "blind sheep" who lack the critical faculties to share your views about management's past shortcomings (or worse, somehow part of the problem as if they share some responsibility for failure) is pretty pointless on a matchday thread that is supposed to be looking forward.

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Richarlison :lol:

Make no misake, Kulusevski out is a loss for them. He is an excellent player, and should have been at Arsenal.

Hope Kulusevski is fit though, I want no excuses when we beat them.

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This is far from the Sp**s we faced last season at the carpet.
This is one managed by a guy that took them to the best side in the Country & won at the ethiad.
They have a stronger team/squad now & have enough quality/experience to win anywhere.
We are head & shoulders the better footballing side but can squander chances & they are ruthless.
🤞 Fingers crossed we can take our chances & blow them away.

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Zinchenko, ESR, Soares where not in the training pics. Hopefully one of Tierney or Zinchenko is fit for NLD. Would we play with 3 at the back?


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Richarlison will spend the whole game trying to get someone sent off. Hope the crowd rattles him.


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3 points or nothing here if we can’t beat these lot it’s just another false dawn.
That’s the thing. Last season We s**t the bed at their place when we should have played out for a draw with the injuries we had. Could have secured champions league football.

Arteta still hasn’t convinced me that he has the managerial nous to win these games regularly whilst imposing our game. Hopefully that changes on Saturday… that is the next step to becoming a top side.
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