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Win Premier League: Arsenal 4 - 1 Newcastle United | Saturday 24th February | KO: 20:00 | TNT Sports

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Arsenal 2-0 Newcastle


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This season, not sure it's worth looking back much further. Each season has gotten better in that regard under Arteta so hopefully he's improving.
It's just a pattern that's occurred every season & is why we didn't win the title last year..

Let's hope we get the business done tomorrow.


🎵 Edu getting rickrolled 🎵
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I want to smash them and keep a clean sheet. I don’t want the Geordie filth to have an ounce of happiness, not even for a brief fleeting moment.


I’ve brought in both Saliba and Gabriel into my fpl to guarantee that we concede btw…


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About 10 years too late tbh, the club should have been doing this collabs years ago. Arsenal isn't even that kind of team anymore it's more of a brexit vibe.
There is nothing about Arsenal that indicates supporting Brexit. We have a Spanish manager, we had a famous French manager, we have plenty of European players and a cosmopolitan attitude. Furthermore the population of London was, and is, opposed to Brexit. Nothing about Arsenal says Brexit.
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Whenever we lose I get worried about next games. We seem to go on a 3 game losing run.

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Like losing to Lens and then beating City next game?

Our confidence has taken a knock yes, and that could have a negative impact. But the difference to last season is that we are far better prepared, in areas of tactics, areas of depth and areas of discipline.

We'll have a determination today to put things right again, it will be nervy but I think we have enough to do it. Fingers crossed.

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Let's not go there. Every fan thinks teams give their maximum against them but are happy to roll over for others. When we were smashing West Ham for 6, I saw a lot of comments from spuds fans saying they weren't even trying against us but fought for their lives when they beat Sp**s in their home. It somehow escaped their mind they had already twice beaten us this season.

Similarly when we trashed Burnley I went on RAWK and saw a lot of comments of that Burnley just a week ago gave Liverpool a scare at Anfield but now they weren't bothered against us.

It isn't a coincidence that when smaller teams seem to have a lot of success against big teams it is when their quality isn't that great. Man Utd fans are convinced they are the biggest scalp for small teams. Teams are trying just as hard against them now as when Fergie was there. It is just that they are having a lot more success now.

We will beat Newcastle if we play at our best, regardless of how hard they try.

Yes, I largely agree with you.

To be clear, Im not suggesting these teams roll over for the opposition and play their best for us. I do think that those are silly, biased takes from salty opposition fans.

What Im saying is that both the eye test and numbers do suggest that teams play their cup final against us, and City as well to be fair.

There is almost no engagement from the opposition offensively, outside of very specific scenarios where they feel they can recover quick enough. Take Porto for example, they were absolutely uninterested in tracking third man runs, or press higher. They wanted to stay compact in a midblock and ride the game out for as long as necessary. And it worked for them, as they won the game and could have taken the lead as well.

Where have we seen a similar performance in a higher profile game? Think City vs Inter in the last CL final.

If we play better we will win today, and in the return leg. But to do that we have to play a far more efficient game, at a higher tempo. The simple solution is to get on the scoreboard early, as we've done in our last 5 league games. The longer solution involves the return of Jorginho or TP5 for these tighter games, as they have the verticality we need on the ground.

In a sense I think that performance and result was a great reminder for our team, that this is what we will likely face more often than not, and to get to trophies, we will need to find a solution for that, fast.

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About 10 years too late tbh, the club should have been doing this collabs years ago. Arsenal isn't even that kind of team anymore it's more of a brexit vibe.

Should have Morrissey prancing about singing.


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...one of these please again tonight lads 👍

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