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Win Premier League: Arsenal 4 - 1 Newcastle United | Saturday 24th February | KO: 20:00 | TNT Sports

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Arsenal 2-0 Newcastle


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Rice v the Geordies today...

...only not quite as good as this obviously 💪

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Over for us yes.

Think City have the league already, its really just a question of when the rest of us fall away. But an initial target must be the Champions League, so five more wins to go.

No doubt Tets, being the meticulous man he is, has prepared speeches in the eventuality of us failing in both pursuits to tell the team that the real trophy is "the friends we made along the way".

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Maybe because Newcastle are missing players and we've won 5 games in a row in the PL in pretty dominant fashion?

Then its a false sense of security.

To beat this Arsenal you dont need your best players, you need an unwavering dedication to complete defensive discipline, and making the most of your counter attacking moments. Every team, outside of one or two of the bigger sides will be taking note of that Porto game and looking to copy those tactics.

Newcastle are also masters of the "Porto performance", so if we dont do better than Wednesday night, we will drop points again.
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