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Win Premier League: Arsenal 5 - 0 Chelsea | Tuesday, April 23th | KO: 20:00 BST | TNT Sports

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It's just absurd how much space Chelsea gave us every time on corners in front of the penalty box.


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Just keep a clean sheet and have Saka set up Havertz for a goal.


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Whats in Arteta's mind right now is to remove Partey and bring on Jesus

So his son Havertz can continue in midfield

havertz has a bit of that saka protection from subbing no matter how poorly he plays
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Monday, June 17

Arsenal will demand £20m to sell Jakub Kiwior - a fee Juventus cannot afford [Daily Mirror]

Arsenal will attempt to sign Napoli striker Victor Osimhen in the coming days, but for an amount less than his release clause [RaiSport]

Arsenal only value Osimhen at €75, half his release clause [Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli]

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