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Win Premier League: Arsenal 5 - 0 Chelsea | Tuesday, April 23th | KO: 20:00 BST | TNT Sports

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Caught the second half. Chelsea were dogsh!t. Lets hope this thrashing sees off any end of season slump.


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Brilliant performance 2nd half destroyed them.

Ødegaard unreal.

Breaking news Emma Hayes is taking control of both the mens and womens Chelsea team until the summer, it's the right move for them.


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Chelsea have some diabolically bad players. Jackson, Enzo, and Mudryk are awful. Badiashile and Caicedo are also not good. We were lucky Jackson was their striker tonight. A good striker would’ve scored at least a few against us. Our defense had plenty of shaky moments.

Outside of Palmer and Gallagher, I really don’t see any reason for optimism in that squad.


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Jesus looks really really frustrated he has not been in the middle of our good football at all this season. Trying too hard to be flashy but failing the basics. Needs to calm down a bit


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The atmosphere here is so unique today. It's like we just all saw a fantastic live comedy. Everyone's hanging around outside to celebrate. I'm currently enjoying some Jamaican food whilst a select few Chelsea masochists stand in the middle of the rose that funnels home fans up to Highbury and Islington.

Shame Havertz didn't get his hat trick but you can't have it all. Can't tell you how much it pleases me to mock Chelsea as their own former player helps bury them. Used to hate this fixture. This was glorious.
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