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⚽️ Matchday Premier League: Arsenal v Everton | KO: 16:00 BST | TNT Sports

Here it is, fellow Gooners, our last hurrah.

Much like you all, I'm hopeful for next season when, God willing, we'll have reinforced in key positions to allow us to take the game to City from Matchday 1.

We've bled, sweat & toiled to get where we are by MERIT & MERIT ALONE!!

The lads will definitely be infuriated by the gamesmanship yesterday & will be looking to punish Everton whilst hoping a miracle happens some 260 kilometers.

Nothimg is impossible. As long as we do our part.

Corruption will not deny us our destiny.

Incompetent officiating will not deny us our destiny.

City will not deny us our destiny. We will prevail!!

Arsenal 4 - Everton 0 and, God willing, City 0 - West Ham 1.

Matt Damon Destiny GIF


Rice Rice Baby 🎼🎵

This squad have almost certainly just sent Uncle Ian into retirement from Match of the Day, with no league or cup (just a useless plate called the "Riou Super Cup" ffs) gutted.

Not hearing anymore of this Rice > Gilberto, Saka > Ljungberg, etc stuff...until they actually win fu3king something!

As a proper Arsenal man like you are, surely you agree now?
You whenever someone mentions Gilberto in the Rice thread:


Vrei sa pleci dar una una iei

First half eleven

White Saliba Gabriel Tomi
Rice Partey
Saka Martin Leo

2nd half when city are 11-0 up against irons

Walters McTalent Kiwior McMerchant
Scully Kido
Nwaneri Elneny biereth

Sapient Hawk

Destiny's Hand 🖐🏿
Trusted ⭐

Country: Saudi Arabia
Inspirational words from the hawk. His own lightbulb moment.

Sorry I had to brighten your avi but it was waaaay too dark

Ah, recognition is its own reward 😄

But we're all in this together. Let's go for broke & win the title.

Then, we can discuss my brilliance later at oyr leisure :lol:


🎵 Edu getting rickrolled 🎵
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It’s my cricket mad nephews bday so I’m gonna be at Sixes during the game. My sister booked it a while back without knowing, worst part is my nephew is a gooner as well so will be torture for both of us 😭

Probably all for the best really. It’ll be err, character building…

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