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Draw Premier League: Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspurs | Sunday 24th September | KO: 14:00 BST | Sky Sports

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Massive test. Think in the league we've won just twice since 1993 away at Woolwich and just once in the league at the Emirates since it opened. So a loss certainly isn't out of the question against a team that showed they were pretty far ahead of us last season.

If we go there and put in the same fight we have in every game this season, that's all I ask. If we loss despite that? So be it. But last season we let them walk over us twice with zero fight and that was unacceptable.

Would take a draw. Think we could get the win.

I’m confident that with Ange’s mentality and style of play, we won’t see the submissive performances we put in against them lot last year.

We have the advantage of a full week of preparation, while they have a mid week game.

If Sarr can take Ødegaard out of the game then we will win.

Potentially 7 players starting their first ever NLD at the weekend. I reckon that actually works in our favour.

We are 5 games in and yet to play against a team that presses with quality. Brentford and Sheffield Utd sat behind the ball. Man Utd are dreadful and Bournemouth offered pretty much nothing.

Woolwich on their day are one of the best pressing teams in the league. Their off the ball movement (certainly last season) was fantastic too.

We haven't come up against anyone as good as Saka and it'll also be the best midfield we've come up against. They won't allow Bissouma time. They won't let Maddison run with it. They'll overload and try and target our high line. Unlike many others have.

Make no mistake, we've had a great start but these are a different class to the teams we've played. They haven't performed anywhere near as well as they have last season yet they still sit level on points with us and 13/15 points. And as we know, form goes out the window.

What would be delicious is if we beat Woolwich and then Ange goes into the preparation for the next match against Liverpool, the club he followed as a boy, with all that momentum behind him.

Diving **** Sak
Someone should call this out in the press and create a watch out for the VAR bots to think about

Boss eyed little ****

****ing hate them. ****ing hate their colours. ****ing hate their badge. ****ing hate their players. ****ing hate their fans. ****ing hate their ****hole of a ground. ****ing hate the week leading up to the game.

COYS! Please don't let us down. Been long enough since we won in the League at that ****hole.

God I ****ing hate them.

It's going to take more than turning up and trying to play on the front foot to win this game. Make no mistake they'll be bang up for this and wanting to knock us back down a peg or two. We've got to fight and do as much work off of the ball as we try to do on it. Our record here is atrocious if we want to change that we have to win the battle off the ball with our intelligence and tenacity.

I have a strong feeling we will kick some Gooner arse because the sides confidence is sky high!

**** some of our fans who are saying that they will be happy with a draw!

We can win this!!

Need to not give them any respect out there, really go at them, Bossouma needs to be all over Ødegaard, Romero and VDV to bully there front line. I think our players will be right up for this.

Really not sure who to start up top.

i think they will be slightly nervous too, they wont admit it. but theyve had no real test in the last two years bar city and they got ****ed there. the league is already looking a lot better this year so they're going to get tested. theyve looked pretty flimsy already this year.

'Form goes out of the window'. Not sure that ever makes too much sense.

Suffice to say we don't do well at their place, for reasons as simple ss not being mentally strong enough, as there have been nunerous occasions when we have had the better players.

Sadly don't see that changing on Sunday, and at present tbey also have the upper hand on ability.

Martinelli vs Porro is a potential problem.
Saka got nothing from Ake in previous games as he's matched his pace with added strength and size - Udogie may be able to that too, big ask but the talent is unreal.
Fancy our CBs against their strikers.
Objectively Saliba is one of the top CBs, and despite arse not doing much attacking in some games they've apparently not looked like conceding. I don't mind which front 3 we go with.
Biss and Madders will get past their mfers at will in 1v1s. Hope they play Havertz, he offers nothing. Arse will surely be looking at how to crowd the middle.

Gotta be the first time in ages both teams are in form and first 11 fit, hope we ****ing go for them. Biss, Madders and Sarr too much for them

They’ve been winning without dominating and haven’t been as clinical as last year. I think our form is better but they’re at home and that might be all the difference

To save me reading 22 pages, am I right in thinking if we win, Ange is on a title charge with a great squad, if we draw Champions League is on next season with the building blocks for a good squad, and if we lose Levy is a bald **** that has given us a **** squad?

Thanks in advance.

BTW, something just occured to me... the gooner players have never played against or possibly even much footage of Vicario, Udogie, Van De Ven, Sarr. You could probably throw Johnson in that pile too.

This is not the same old Sp**s, they may be caught out by what the likes of Udogie can do.

Let’s just give them a game instead of raising the white flag like we do often did under Jose and ****e. They would send us out defeated already saying they have far better players, spend more , blah blah blah. Yet are managed by a **** who these so called elite managers were scared of.
A good performance to let them know we are not scared of them is all we ask. Result will take of itself.

The only thing keeping me calm right now is that my expectation is nothing more than "We are 5 games in" and a loss doesn't halt out journey.

If it was us playing midweek with the gooners resting we wouldn’t be to happy even if it was a training match , tonight’s result doesn’t change Sunday - we will give them a game and if we take our chances we will win, it’s up to the front 3 to click!

We've played better against possession teams and struggled against low block. They tend to play better against low blocks. Based on that flimsy logic I think they'll have a tough time against us.

Big advantage having 8 days to prepare for this game versus there 4.

Ange will not waste a single session in preparing the squad.

Excited for this.

If Sp**s are level or in front coming into the last 20mins, they will run over the top of Woolwich.

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Arsenal 2-0 Sp**s

They have started well under Postecoglou and look really good. I think they are now finally playing a style that will improve them in time. And they'll be up the table this season, certainly.

They would have looked at PSV and said to themselves that they can attack just as much as PSV, and probably at a higher level. They also saw how PSV played through our press and lines at times, and will be wanting to do that as well.

So for us on Sunday its about controlling them completely. Stopping them dead in their build up phase, whether they go short or long, keeping them pinned in for spells. Also when they try and attack us, being able to go through or over them, forcing them to question themselves.

They say they never stop and are the fittest in the league. Well we can run and not stop for just as long as they can. The CL match we played gives them a fitness advantage later on in the game, but by late second half we should have things won and keeping control of the game.

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Every year they come out with **** like this and never learn. Sigh.

Lads you're Tottenham.
It's a really silly message from Son, up there with Harry Kane in 2016 posting that Sp**s were lions chasing Leicester for the league title. That went well for them.

All these moronic posts do is give the opposition (in this case, us) more motivation.


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So far this season we’ve not committed to a high press, instead favouring a lower intensity approach to control the game and get 3 points. It’s mature and effective.

None of that against Sp**s please. I would like us to intensely grab their throats and squeeze.


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They're a decent team. That's all they are.

If both teams play to their potential. Arsenal is going to rout them.

There's a reason we're one of the favourite to end the PL while they're just hoping to get top 4.

That said, we have to bring our A game.

Smash them and kill their moment and damage their fragile mentality and watch them go on a poor run.
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