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Draw Premier League: Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspurs | Sunday 24th September | KO: 14:00 BST | Sky Sports

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A real chance to show that we're gonna be contenders again this year, no just result but a chance to lay a marker with the performance

Yep, anything less than a convincing win tells the rest of the league we’re not all that. Go out and smash Sp**s and teams will have given up before they’ve even kicked off against us.

I think we’re very close to that sort of level, need another half season to prove it.


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This game has all the signs of it being a great NLD. Sp**s playing decent attacking football and Arsenal starting to find some proper form. Will be torture to watch of course, but either way the game goes I will be getting drunk as ****


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This game is going to be a reality check for them and their fans.

When they had Kane there always was that one player/aspect you had to fear. But that's gone now. Now they're just a decent team punching above their weight. That bubble is going to burst on Sunday.

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I hope to god Ange sets them up to have a go at us. We'll take advantage of their naivety and rip them apart.

Fancy this one to be over by HT. Arsenal 4 Sp**s 1.

Let's set down a marker against this mob.


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The reality is that they either have to play differently to the way they've had success this season or they have to come into a hostile environment playing the exact sort of football that we are desperate for teams to try and play against us so we can cut them open. We'll score early, they'll open up even more and it will be over by halftime. PSV are about the same level of team as they are to be honest.


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They’re quite dangerous on the attack and have a lot of confidence at the moment. Workman like midfield without being too technically gifted.

I think we could’ve probably done with Partey/Rice in the middle for this one but alas that can’t happen.

I’d actually have Havertz in the midfield for this one, his height and work rate at the moment/tackling back is really handy. I don’t think Vieira is right for it.


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I'm confident in our team, but I'm wary at how many fans are treating Sp**s like they're going to be walked over. Think we've got to remain a bit humble, the team hasn't achieved anything quite yet. And I say that fully believing the club can achieve great things this season.


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Zero chance big Ange plays low block, I've been watching his teams for 15 years and he's never done that
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