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Draw Premier League: Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspurs | Sunday 24th September | KO: 14:00 BST | Sky Sports

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I think Sp**s as a unit is pretty effective so far. We've both beaten Utd and drawn with Fulham and played similar level teams. Hopefully, this is same old, same old and a home win for us. I'd love to hit them on the counter about four times and listen to how unlucky they were fir a week after. Win, no injuries and move on. COYG


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I think arsenal will get the job done, but if this is end to end frantic stuff like I suspect it could be then it really could go either way. Those kind of nerves are what makes it exciting and special though.


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3-1 win. Vieira with two goals and Saka with one goal.


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Kai on the bench please, I think Vieira can handle the Sp**s midfield and if they attack he should have the tools to exploit the space they make.


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as others have said we will leak goals but we should have plenty of chances to score and hopefully kill the game. Very nervous for this like all NLD games… can’t wait


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Hopefully Martinelli is available from the bench, although wouldn't be surprised if he starts.

This isnt a moment for Haavertz or Nketiah, both players are trailing technique wise.


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4-0 to Arsenal. Son cries himself to sleep...

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Zero chance big Ange plays low block, I've been watching his teams for 15 years and he's never done that

Constant attacking will present problems for us, particularly later on when our legs start to get tired.

It’s important we manage them for the 100 minutes. Try and take them out the game early and then control the possession and areas where the game is played.

We shouldn’t be tempted to out play them for the entire game. That’s exactly the type of chaos they want on Sunday.

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Really dont know what Son is smoking we are superior in every aspect. he is a class player but this is stupid to say. just hope we beat the crap out of them on Sunday and shut their mouths.

It’s talk for their fans, and the feel good vibes they have right now. It’s fine really.

They will come out and try and stamp their authority, that is something you can respect. They won’t play as cowards as we’ve seen in years gone by and that's not a dig at you, Sp**s fans.


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IMO it would be massive upset for them to win given how much space we will have once breaking their press. We love playing teams who come to attack us at the Emirates, not even City tries it. For them to win, we will really have to be really poor in front of goals.
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