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Draw Premier League: Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspurs | Sunday 24th September | KO: 14:00 BST | Sky Sports

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Im actually interested to see what they gonna do ange surely watched psv game does he really want to press us? I read he stubborn and will stick to do his thing so i expect they press us and try attack. Wont be the Sp**s of last 4 years likely going to be close to pochy Sp**s more open more freedom in pitch.

It'll be nice change to what we faced so far in league they got quality players that can hurt us it up to us to be clinical and not do mistakes.

They can press high up and they will expierence the same that PSV did while Tottenham is a much better unit as a team they will face the same problem. we finished second for a reason last year and i think this year we are even stronger. Sp**s need to adjust not us.


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But will say though, take Partey out of the equation and you have to have Maddison at lcm with Rice dm


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Maddison is the only one of their's I'd have in our starting line up right now. No comparison between the two sides at present.


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Van De who?

This doesn't only imply he's better than Gabriel. It also implies he's better than one of the "best CBd in the league" Romero.
I'm sorry but that is criminal. Every Arsenal player is better over all when playing football on tv and off. The only one that should be there is son.
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