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Win Premier League: Burnley 0 - 5 Arsenal | Saturday 17th February | KO: 15:00 GMT

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Burnley 0-3 Arsenal


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Yep. Shame the way he left for Barca... Good player, Song Bilong.

Playing for West Ham at 27, sad way for any player to go out to be honest...


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They looked up for it vs Liverpool even though they lost in the end. They're not a very good side but they're plucky. We'll have to be on point - but we kinda have been recently. I think as long as we defend the way we have been defending for the last few weeks and don't give up any chances via error, we'll win this game quite handily.


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Like any PL fixture, especially away from home you just can't let your guard down. Our record isn't great there despite how poor they are at the moment. We should have too much for them but as others said the team should continue to remain focused here and go for the kill early on. 0-2


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They won't have any ego like West Ham at home and will probably sit deep and try to stifle us. I fancy Jesus and Trossard in these games as the can create their own shot in the box, which makes us much more dangerous.

Would be nice to see Partey come on for 30 mins if he has any fitness at this stage.

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Luca Koleosho, the only Burnley player who looked a threat & tormented Tomiyasu back in November, is out.

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I liked the idea of getting our main players off as soon as the game was safe. I want this game to be similar in that respect.

Let’s also continue to open the game up early with a goal. Opposition fans have clocked onto how we use set pieces to unsettle and open up games so you better believe that opposition teams are fully aware of this too.

Burnley do have a bit about them though to be honest, they can defend and they can play through you if you are not well organised, so its important we remain on point in this game.

A clean sheet and dynamic attacking performance again please, thanks. 2-0 to Arsenal.

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I have a strange feeling Kompany abandon all what they've done and go for a more defensive approach, they've got to at this stage.

But yeah we need to be professional here last thing we want to do is give them an encouragement.

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If we bring the form we've been in recently we should dispatch Burnley pretty comfortably.
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