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Loss Premier League: Everton 1 - 0 Arsenal | Saturday 4th, February | KO: 12:30 GMT| BT Sport

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This should be relatively straightforward, the new manager bounce not withstanding.





The starting xi picks itself, unless Partey is not fit enough to start and Lokonga takes his place.



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People really worried about Dyche 💀 yes the guy always annoying against us but he dont have his players and will spend the game against us crossing to DCL. And maybe tell his players to hard tackle us but will make no difference our quality is big.

Expecting 3-0 win everton are dreadful

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On Vinai's payroll & misses 4th place trophy 🏆
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Everton fans will be against thier team than against us the Everton player's don't look comfortable playing at Goodison as before.

There no more charity arsenal we look more ruthless and noisy grounds don't bother us


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I'm worried about Dyche. If he gets Everton kicking our players, we might be in trouble. The referee better be on his game!

And will Tottenham show some dignity against Man City? They have embarrassingly spursed up their 2-0 lead against Man City already...surely they won't embarrass themselves again? We just need them to draw. Useless!

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Everton lack quality up and down the park. Dyche or no Dyche we’re winning this. Hopefully we have Caicedo in reserve.

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Dyche will fire them up and tell them stories of how he's wound us up countless times before. He'll urge them to press and to shove and kick and get ten behind the ball. Don't think he has any interest in trying to win the game, a point would be a statement of intent worth it's weight in gold.

We will hopefully have the 11 players who routed Sp uds and Yanited. They've shown time and time again this season a coldness and a sense of purpose which will see them through this.

Once we score, hopefully in the first 20 minutes, Dyche's masterplan comes undone and it's attack and risk a drubbing or damage limitation, stay a goal down as late as possible and try and grab a late equaliser from a penalty or whatever.

I'd take 0-2 but if we could make it 0-3 so much the better. And hope our neighbours have some dignity and get a draw at least. 7 points and a game in hand would look great.

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You can say all you want about our form and them being **** so we should win, but there couldn’t have been a worst time to play them.

New manager bounce under Dyche who is gonna completely fire them up and galvanise the squad + knows how to piss us off, all at Goodison Park.

Certainly not ideal. Couple weeks ago and I would have already added 3 points next to our name on the table.


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Seven Nil. Seven fkn Nil is what it will take to start the process of erasing the pain that has been this transfer window from my memory. I need this. And I fkn deserve.


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Looking forward to this match if only because it will be nice to be back to normal football again. These transfer months are always a bloody mare
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