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Loss Premier League: Everton 1 - 0 Arsenal | Saturday 4th, February | KO: 12:30 GMT| BT Sport

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This should be relatively straightforward, the new manager bounce not withstanding.





The starting xi picks itself, unless Partey is not fit enough to start and Lokonga takes his place.



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Lets make Dyche's first game, as enjoyable as we made Koeman's last...

...state of Cech on their 2nd, good thing we are past the days of Chelsea cast offs eh!?
Agree but the bolded bit aged like old milk. I'll assume it's irony :lol:


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You know.. every single time I watch that.. I wonder, what was Adams doing up there

To be fair, Adams loved a cheeky forward run...think he really enjoyed having an attacking manager like Wenger, probably wished Arsène arrived when he was in his 20s rather than 30s.

Tony was a very underrated CB on the ball, you could tell he enjoyed being involved in the passing triangles with Vieira and Petit.


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You know.. every single time I watch that.. I wonder, what was Adams doing up there

I still remember being in the pub surrounded by Arsenal fans when that happened.. and the whole place looking around wondering was it April 1st

I was there and yeah, it was quite a moment, re-emphasising our dominance As the then preeminent team.

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Of all our defeats last season, this one rankled most.

Like Southampton, they couldn't wait to give away 3 points to every team they faced.

Arsenal rolls into town & Brazil 1982 possesses both teams :lol:

We must win to:

1. Maintain our momentum.

2. Widen the gap to City.

3. Push Everton closer to the precipice.
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