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Premier League Hall of Fame

Rex Stone

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Don’t know about this. At least in American sports all four major sports have had Halls of Fame since 1969 at the latest.

This just seems so manufactured and forced to me. There’s a 20 year backlog of players to clear as is so the wait to get in at two a year is going take ages. :lol:

Also the Premier League isn’t the undisputed peak of world football like the NBA or NHL is. If you judge players solely on their Premier League careers you’ll have so many borderline cases.

Based on PL careers you could argue that a Les Ferdinand or Jermain Defoe deserves to get in ahead of Luis Suarez despite them being far inferior player.

Tir Na Nog

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Henry should be the first name there. I'd reluctantly accept Giggs as the other one for this year.


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Would make sense to have Cantona (first great foreign export) and Shearer (top PL goal scorer/Homegrown) as the first two.

Then again it might be Giggs (most PL titles) and Shearer as the first two


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What a useless idea ffs. Absolute mongs in the decision making room thinking this should have priority? Asshats the whole bunch of ém


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I like this, feels WWE-esque.

Can't wait for Giggs's second heel turn when he hits Shearer with a steel chair after being inducted.

...could definitely see Vieira and Keane doing something like this, at their induction night :lol:
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Wright, Adams, Le Tissier, Les Ferdinand, Ginola, Zola, Schmeichal, Cantina all strong 90's candidates.


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Country: Northern Ireland

Yes, of course. He's nailed on.

As are, at some point, from our lot:

Van Persie

There's others you can obviously make a very strong case for such as Dixon, bould, winterburn, Toure, Anelka etc

Would Cesc and Robin be Premiership legends...both great players, but not sure, maybe down the line at some after all the main ones are in.

Rex Stone

Long live the fighters
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Country: Wales
Ljungberg is borderline imo, if it really is two a year there’s many more players ahead of him.

For me there’s about 50 nailed on ones now and in the next 25 years of PL football there will be more.

  1. Henry
  2. Giggs
  3. Scholes
  4. Keane
  5. Ronaldo
  6. Ferdinand
  7. Vidic
  8. Van der Sar
  9. David James
  10. Gary Neville
  11. Gerrard
  12. Carragher
  13. Pires
  14. Suarez
  15. Cantona
  16. Sheringham
  17. Yorke
  18. Beckham
  19. Wright
  20. Terry
  21. Ashley Cole
  22. Lampard
  23. Carrick
  24. Rooney
  25. Tevez
  26. Aguero
  27. Kolo Toure
  28. Drogba
  29. Cech
  30. Bale
  31. Vieira
  32. Sol Campbell
  33. Shearer
  34. Harry Kane
  35. Michael Owen
  36. Ian Wright
  37. Fabregas
  38. Van Persie
  39. David Silva
  40. Kompany
  41. Yaya Toure
  42. Hazard
  43. Bergkamp
  44. Schmeichel
  45. David Seaman
  46. van Nistelrooy
  47. Kante
  48. De Gea
  49. Evra
  50. Tony Adams

For me those are 50 locks off the top of my head. Going to be tough to make cases for good but not great players like Ljungberg.
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Fourfourtwo today released their 100 greatest prem players, obviously timed to follow on from yesterdays hof announcement

Some interesting placements



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Just two per year seems such a long drawn out process, and of course its gonna be massively biased towards United with them probably getting an inductee each year.
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