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Win Premier League: Luton Town 3 - 4 Arsenal | Tuesday 5th December | KO: 20:15 GMT | Prime Video

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Luton 0-3 Arsenal

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Our defending in thier goal was really poor so surprise because we been very good raya can't do nothing great header


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The key thing is we will get chances from open play and Luton’s only real threat is from set pieces and crosses.

But, anything can happen, ref can have a ****ter etc.

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Imagine if Martinelli put that volley away off his left foot.

Boy is dangerous in the box, once he's able to master the creation of that extra space in the box, he is going to be a massive problem for opposition defences.


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How did Roberto Martinez get the Portugal job? Guy is still living off his stint at Wigan.

Trying to act like he knows ball.
He's genuinely dogsh1t. Never seen a bigger overrated garbage coach than him.
How he got it? Really no idea but he's going to do nothing with Portugal. The Portuguese will hate him.


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Is there anything else in Luton except their dodgy airport?

The Swindon pitch looked way better than this sh*hole :lol:

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Anyone else noticed how Havertz shows no emotion when we score? Just a little fist pump everytime. Even late winners vs City.


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Also the media and pundits went on about us complaining about the ref decision v Newcastle too much, but that ****ing pen Newcastle got against them (which was a pen by Champions League rules) gets brought up all the ****ing time and even in matches Newcastle aren't playing!

Which is it then lads...a rule for some, but different for others?


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Just as I expected, it's not so easy at their home. But feckin hell they pressed like mad men and I expect them to tire out in 2nd half. We should easily control and win it from here. Good that we already have a lead.


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I swear I saw Andros Townsend. Guys in Luton now? Such a fall.


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How did Roberto Martinez get the Portugal job? Guy is still living off his stint at Wigan.

Trying to act like he knows ball.

I can't lie bro, that's what I think about most of these "pundits".

I still chuckle a bit whenever Gary "ratface" Neville gives an opinion piece seeing as his Valencia bent over and took 7 backshots.

It is what it is tho...
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