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Win Premier League: Luton Town 3 - 4 Arsenal | Tuesday 5th December | KO: 20:15 GMT | Prime Video

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Luton 0-3 Arsenal


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Good to go in 2-1 up at half-time but we're making heavy work of it.

Must be irritating to play these toilet town football teams where they don't want to play, foul you constantly and their tactics consist of 'GET INTO EM!'

Hate the underdog cheerleading from the commentary team too.
I’m not sure that their own fans getting up for the game actually helps them. You could see it in their RBs eyes when the camera zoomed in that they already have that ‘fighting for lives’ look. It can be dangerous backing one into a corner they come out swinging; but, with a bit of experience you usually tire them out.


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He's just not a LB. He's a cb. He doesn't have the skills to play more advanced in the lb role so he ends up being a bit pointless. Some CB's can do a good job at full back but its not for everyone
Yeah but the way Lewandowski spoke about him I thought we'd be getting some proper player who do everything in the last line.

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That's, like, your opinion, man.
Sheit I swear it was Raya?

He'd probably fit right in at a primary school playground but he's good with his feet!

"Bradley get down from that shoulder height bookcas--- BRADLY I WILL PUT YOU IN THE TIMEOUT COR- Somebody get me a ladder!"


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Pretty much all of our kits are ****e these days. Here I've said it.
Brick Nike back please
Adidas do far more for all the other merchandise than they do for the main kit.

Might be marketing make the main kit bad and the rest of the other stuff good so they have to buy it


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Btw this ground feels like a great atmosphere, especially for night games. Would like them in the PL but don't think they survive even with everton's points deduction.


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If the away or 3rd kit is the rumored pink kit then we are back

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Same as Ode. Rice is doing all the work in midfield. Full backs haven’t really inverted either.

Ødegaard poor?

He hasnt set the game alight sure, but its through him and Rice that we are able to hold and move the ball centrally, through their numbers in the middle.


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I’d consider subbing Zinchenko for Havertz. I’d like the extra control of possession but not sure I trust him in the backline. Kai would probably offer more defensively though.


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Also Jesus yellow card is a freaking joke. Wasn't that his first foul?

Yeah it was.

I dunno if the super zoom in is helping us see the elbows and knees Luton are getting away with or if the ref is just being a prick.


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I can't lie bro, that's what I think about most of these "pundits".

I still chuckle a bit whenever Gary "ratface" Neville gives an opinion piece seeing as his Valencia bent over and took 7 backshots.

It is what it is tho...

They should have just brought on Micah Richards and Daniel Sturridge with Thierry, at least we’d have a bit of a laugh during HT similar to CBS.

Shearer is providing analysis like it’s the 70s and Roberto Martinez knows nothing.
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