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Win Premier League: Luton Town 3 - 4 Arsenal | Tuesday 5th December | KO: 20:15 GMT | Prime Video

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Luton 0-3 Arsenal


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Also the media and pundits went on about us complaining about the ref decision v Newcastle too much, but that ****ing pen Newcastle got against them (which was a pen by Champions League rules) gets brought up all the ****ing time and even in matches Newcastle aren't playing!

Which is it then lads...a rule for some, but different for others?

I'm not a fan of conspiracy theories but there really does seem to be a lot of anti-Arsenal rubbish floating around these days.
The whole 'Arteta is a complaining hot-head' is one of the most fanciful.
We also seem to get the Arteta touchline police and the celebration police when other teams managers do exactly the same thing, and everyone celebrates when they score a goal.

I don't understand the hatred from a lot of these places if I'm honest.


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Adidas do far more for all the other merchandise than they do for the main kit.

Might be marketing make the main kit bad and the rest of the other stuff good so they have to buy it
I've got me the last season's first kit, and I also have the 125 yrs main one. And looking at them I'm not sure I've not been blatantly swindled with the 2022 one. It's literally looking like it's made in an underground sweatshop compared to the Nike one.

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Havertz in these kind of pitch is useless because he act soft for no reason these kind of ground youd like partey because he won't get bullied.


🎵 Edu getting rickrolled 🎵
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Been giving @Macho the big one about fpl and just checked the other game - Huang Hee Chan with a goal and assist.




I had trippier on my bench last gw as well
😭 😭
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