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Win Premier League: Sheffield United 0 - 6 Arsenal | Monday 4th March | KO: 20:00 | Sky Sports

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Sheffield 0-5 Arsenal

Sheffield have been on the end of some of the biggest thrashings in the league this season. They have the worst defense I've ever seen. I'm expecting another cricket scoreline.

Let's boost the GD, lads!


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Imagine being scared of 2024 Sheffield United, could never be me!

We need to start having an arrogance about us, all the top sides do...there is a difference between confidence and delusion, nothing wrong with having the former.

Arsenal need to start acting like this, if they want that championship.

Pump.up the goal difference here, or **** off Arsenal...we NEED every advantage we can get in a title race.
I'd say you earn that arrogance by winning a championship first. Right now this team has to prove they can win consistently, not how many goals they can score against a team at the bottom of the league.

I get that goal difference may become important, but 3 points should be the main focus.


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This is football, much bigger upsets have happened than a poor PL side beating a good one. Weird stuff happens all the time.

I think it's a bit arrogant to talk about running up a cricket score against them before a ball has even been kicked.

We need 3 points and should go into the match with the mentality that it will be a tough game and we'll need to turn up to earn it.

Hopefully the players aren't as complacent about this match as A-M is because if we don't do the job against Sheffield United and Brentford etc then the games everyone is focusing on, Man City, Sp**s etc won't mean anything because we'll very likely be out of the race.

We should have learned this after dropping silly points against Fulham and West Ham. You can't take anything for granted.
Exactly. I'd take a 1-0 win right now if offered to me. You never know in the PL.


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Sheffield seem to be equally poor home and away this year when you look at their stats. We should be very confident to win even if its away. Infact we have to win.


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Wonder if we could get the first double digit score in the PL here? Think it's a real possibility.

I’m very close to triple captaining Saka which would of course mean we scrape a 1-0. Or he gets injured within 5 minutes. Waiting on @Macho ’s approval.

It’s a dilemma.

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At their current trend, Sheffield Utd are going to be the worst team in PL history.

They already eclipsed Derby's points total, they are on track to be defensively worse than Derby though - if they keep conceding at the rate they are their GA will be 96 goals o_O ☠️

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Southampton were our bogey team anyway we acted well against these relegation teams this season only Luton gave us issues

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Yeah and if my grandma had wheels she'd be a bike. They put 3 goals past us: there was nothing 'comfortable' about it.

Of course there wasn't - my point was it was a dominant performance from us which *should have been* comfortable but for two big errors which made it quite uncomfortable.
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