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What happened to Brentford btw.?

Amazing Start to the Season, beat us and West-Ham, draw with Liverpool and suddenly 4 losses in a row including Norwich and Burnley.

Is there a reason for the implosion?


Just took a gander at the top scorers' chart. Knew Salah was leading goals, but didn't know he's tied for most assists to.

10G / 7A in 11 games. Playstation season so far.


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The GD column on the Premier League table tells a tale, only 5 teams with a positive goal difference, Chelsea (26), Liverpool (24), Man City (19), West Ham (9) and Crystal Palace (1)

The top 3 in particular are way ahead of the rest and scoring a lot of goals against everyone not just us.


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Thomas Frank has called for all Premier League fixtures this weekend to be postponed​


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Rooney getting linked with the Everton job. He’s actually done really well with Derby this year.

Sorted out the back line even if they struggle to score.


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The trend is the same as before the ESL fiasco: Sell the english clubs to rich foreigners. More power to the fans? No, thats not what they do in England.


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Who do we want to get relegated?

Newcastle? Burnley? Watford? Norwich?

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