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Win Premier League: West Ham United 0-6 Arsenal | Sunday 11th February | KO: 14:00 GMT | Sky Sports

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West Ham 0-2 Arsenal


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I didn’t see it tbh. Thought they did absolutely nothing. Saka missed a few golden opportunities which only kept them in it to a degree.

Yeah, West Ham did nothing. Didn't they have 0 touches in our box in the first half? Nothing that resembled a scoring chance. They had 1 or 2 counters that briefly looked like they could be something before turning into nothing.

It could have been 2-0 before 30 minutes with some better finishing.

This was an absolute destruction from start to finish.

West Ham have problems - a lot of players for them just quit today. The effort level from their players on the 5-0 Saka goal in particular was embarrassing.

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I didn’t see it tbh. Thought they did absolutely nothing. Saka missed a few golden opportunities which only kept them in it to a degree.
Fair enough. Apart from the Kiwi challenge in the box, the threat was outside the box. Agree that the missed chances kept them in it.

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I meant in the way they ran at us and countered in that time. The xg shows that they didn't make the most of their slim chances. We missed about four chances before going 2-0 up and recorded our highest xg of the season. It's the eye test.

I think you're talking about "threat" because those counters didn't even lead to a chance/shot for West Ham. Sure, they had a bit of threat in the first 15-20 mins but then we completely took over the game and they didn't get a sniff from that point on.

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Can we talk about Kalvin Philips? He was so bad in this game. Did I imagine him squaring up to someone during the match as well?
I thought him and Rice would be the new Lampard and Gerrard after the Euros. It's a shame how his career has fallen off. Injuries have been cruel but the move to City was a big mistake. He looks done at the top level.

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Sure we won 6-0, but the big question everyone wants the answer to is how did Arsenal celebrate? Too much? Or way too much?
The Celebration Police award a half point to Rice for his anti-celebration, but have issued another summons for Arteta, who was caught on camera blatantly smiling after the game, along with several of his players.
Disgraceful. Get down the tunnel!


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Think Ødegaard is really getting back to his best of last season too, ran the game today and none of their midfielders could even get near.

Wonderful player, the pass for Saka's second was perfect...love how he allows us to play.

Loves dancing on West Ham's grave does our Martin.
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