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Win Premier League: West Ham United 0-6 Arsenal | Sunday 11th February | KO: 14:00 GMT | Sky Sports

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West Ham 0-2 Arsenal

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We were ****ing amazing in every aspect of the game and if we play like this week in week out we are favorites for the title with City. no reason to panic we are on the right path.

and Arteta is the men to take us forward.

Just felt compelled to let you know I liked your post for the highlighted portion of it.

Can't have people thinking otherwise now, can we? :lol:


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Still can't get over this game, we properly broke West Ham in that first half.

They started off probably thinking they could beat us with their recent results against us, fired up with Rice on our side, loud fans, etc.

But by halftime everyone connected with the Hammers was just in shell shock, tbh...we had all the ball, cut off all counter routes brilliantly and totally killed their crowd.

One of the best away performances you will see.


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Even though our away record is among the best we haven't looked convincing away this season. Looked toothless and sterile in a lot of the away games and dropped some disappointing results. Yesterday was exactly what we needed and hopefully the start of an improvement in scoring more on the road this season


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Just a tiny detail I liked. 3-0 up 45 min. Martinelli is shielding the ball out for a goal kick to us and the West Ham player (Coufal ?). absolutely SLAMS him the the ground WWE style. Martinelli jumps up absolutely enraged for one second, then just walks away in a professional manner.

Put me in mind of Xhaka vs Liverpool, Arteta vs Liverpool and most famously when we were 0-4 up against Newcastle and indiscipline from Diaby got him sent off, the rest is history.


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Glad that Arteta has got one over Moyes after the defeats this season. Felt like in previous games Moyes has been reticent to say anything too positive about his former player. Now hopefully Moyes will forever have a flashback of his beloved Rice smashing the ball in whenever he hears the number six and know that this was the game that turned many of fans against him.


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Mate its put those cvnts right in their place, big bump back down to earth.

Arteta genuinely should have done his "I have always thought about subbing a keeper" just to rub it in extra :lol:

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Good analysis.

This in game change by Arteta is what I have been wanting to see more of for a long time. Good to see.
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