Quarter-Final: Portugal v France


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I hope @Juan Matas Beard doesnt see your gif :lol:

What a world class penalty kicks we’ve watched. Tough luck on Joao Felix.

Nuno Mendes one was the best of the bunch.
Most penalties were incredible quality iindeed. Ronaldos was the worst.

This reminded me of a match when the best ever series of penalty kicks were taken, the World Cup final in 2006, where each of them was sublime as Buffon and Barthez had zero chance in each kick, until Trezeguet bottled it by hitting the crossbar

I feel kind of sad for Felix. He could have moved to somewhere else instead AM.....He has have so much talent, but life is brutal sometimes.

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Beating Pepe tonight felt like a real passing of the torch moment for Saliba, Fabregas v Vieira in.2006 vibes.

From one of the best CBs of the last generation, to one of the next.

Really feel this tournament is Saliba's welcome to the big time moment, feel he wins it now!


In The Winchester, Waiting For This To Blow Over

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Pepe is a lovable psychopath like Jason Voorhees, every loves his adventures and cosplays as him as some point.

Ronaldo is geniunely like Homelander, but even more selfishly insane somehow.

Can't compare them, much easier to enjoy Cristiano's pain!


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Spain the best and most fun team, I'm hoping they win now. Switzerland and Netherlands alright too. France and England have been horrendous to watch, but the way this euro is going I wouldn't be surprised if that ends up being the final. Well if one of them wins Saliba or Saka will have an international trophy so I'm leaving with something


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Dembele is exactly what Arsenal need in the front three. Most dangerous player I’ve seen all tournament. Tier S pace on the ball, with tek.


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Can’t believe I put Felix on that level back in the day @Trilly got fooled by that Benfica genjutsu ffs.
We all get humbled time to time.

Guy was looking like a generational talent then just went left.

Reminds me of how Dembele and Mbappe were similar level talents at one point

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