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Random thought, who was the last PL player to get a testimonial?


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Orchestrated team patterns are better than individual flair moments. It is a matter of preference but 10 outfielders coming together to control the ball, put together sequences of 30 passes and dominating the opponent is a far greater feat than a jinky winger doing rainbow flicks.

The greatest goals in recent WC history for me was the Cambiasso goal in 06, or Carlos Alberto in 70 as the all time candidate because it was the entire team involved in making it happen. Granted, Maradona in 86 is the opposite of that. So it's a question of whether you like communist (collective play) or capitalist (individual play) football. In this regard, I'm a commie all day.

I think what's happened is that every team is now trying to emulate these tactics so it has lost its allure. It'd be like if every player on the pitch suddenly did rabonas and step overs, the game would descend into a circus.

What Guardiola achieved, as much as I hate him, is the pinnacle of football that I've witnessed in my lifetime, so it's very odd that his tactics are now criticised as killing football. He has brought up the standard of football right through the footballing pyramid. Go watch a Sunday League game, and you have way more emphasis on possession and shorter ground passes. Same as mid to lower table PL teams. He has brought the overall quality of the game up.

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In 1997/98 we became English champions as I had set myself three missions to carry out which I felt were essential. One: to have an impact on the result and the team's playing style. Two: to foster the player's individual development. Three: to strengthen the structure of the club and enhance its global influence.

Arsène Wenger: My Life in Red and White

2024 Summer Transfers Deadline

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Friday, July 19

Marseille would offer around £20m for Eddie Nketiah, but it’s likely that Arsenal would ask for more [Alan Nixon - The Sun]

West Ham are frontrunners to sign Reiss Nelson and a fee of £15m-20m could be enough to clinch a deal [Evening Standard]

Inter and Juventus have asked Arsenal about loaning Jakub Kiwior, but the club will only let him leave on a permanent transfer [Goal Poland]

Academy striker Chido Obi-Martin visited Manchester United’s training ground to discuss a move to the club [AcademyScoop]

Crystal Palace are preparing a £30m bid for Emile Smith Rowe [Ed Aarons - The Guardian]

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