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Discussion in 'Football Talk' started by tap-in, Jul 17, 2016.

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    Jesus, we're ****ing scumbags :mad:
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    I gotta heap some praise on Daniele De Rossi

    always loved the guy for the player he is, one club man, great mixture of elegant and tractor

    but when he on the bench gets angry because he thought Insigne should get subbed in instead, my respect grew

    and when I heard he stepped on the Swedish bus after the game apologizing for the fans booing our national anthem and some italian players behavior it skyrocketed!
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    This is quite serious and far from "random" but I'm not sure where else it goes.

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    I never understood that guy. He's not played a minute of professional football in his life yet somehow convinced so many people at the time that he's a top manager?
    No clue what Sir Bobby Robson saw in him.
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    He's not a bad manager.

    Won a treble at Porto. Went the season undefeated.

    Went to a Chelsea team which was in transition and tried to change too many things at once, ended up losing the players.

    Took Tottenham to one of their best finishes in recent years. Fifth on 72 points.

    He's only 40 as well, could always get back into the game.
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    He handled this really well.

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    Great story, I didnt even know he had footballing brothers. Diego was without doubt the best player ever at the time, unbelievable player. I find it hard to pick now between him and Messi. Both were/are capable of winning a game on their own with moments of absolute brilliance. I dont go back as far as Best & Pele, so maybe we shouldn't try to pick the best, just marvel at them all in their own time. Both Ronaldo's included!
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    This truly is quite an extraordinary story:

    The Great Pretender-

    By passing himself off as the popular striker Renato Gaúcho, Carlos Raposo, led a life of Brazilian celebrity — and willing women.

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    Italian Joye Barton
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    One of the best football compilation I have ever seen:lol:
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    I will always bow down to Messi, but it has to be said that Maradona played in an era when players would hack him to pieces in the most cynical manner. Of course Messi too gets terrible treatment and the fact he's stayed so injury-free and durable is one of his greatest qualities imo, but Maradona's era was something else entirely. Overall I think they're comparable though. If the label genius can be applied to any player, it would be those two.
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    I'm personally of the belief that hypocrisy is a naturally occurring phenomenon in human behaviour; more or less everybody is hypocritical about something. But the hypocrisy of the Sunday Supplement is galling. To one week invite Patrick Barclay onto the programme - a man who recently on twitter defended at length the use of blackface - and then the next week talk with utmost sincerity about the lingering problem of racism in football, is just risible.

    Very few football journalists actually give a damn about the wider social context of football, Daniel Taylor and Matthew Syed are some exceptions that come to mind. Whether it be entrenched racism, shockingly anachronistic homophobia, or indeed the vast geopolitical cold wars taking place via the boardrooms of major European clubs (Man City, PSG), the majority of football journalists elide these topics and are permitted to live in a bubble of the psychodrama of 22 players and 2 managers on a pitch, completely ignoring the vast hinterland that enables that psychodrama to take place.

    Too often the attitude of "oh that's above my pay grade" is employed. Why are the media in football so often afraid to comment on topics they deem political? If such a topic is indeed beyond their understanding, then perhaps they should stop carrying themselves like they're Noam f*cking Chomsky.

    Rant over.
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