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wtfffff how did one month have so many classics? This was 15 years ago and I remember each goal like it was yesterday.



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wtfffff how did one month have so many classics? This was 15 years ago and I remember each goal like it was yesterday.

That Essien goal was unbelievable

Nothing worse than when your team concedes a great goal, as you can't complain...you just have to sit there and take it in, ffs :lol:


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Has this been posted already? Horrific stuff. So candid, you could cry.

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Martin Keown - Jesus christ is this guy an awful pundit, he is so dull and on the fence about everything its like all his opinions are too not offend or alienate anyone.

He was on TalkSport a few weeks back and even fans calling up were digging him out about how on the fence he is and his response was.. nothing.

This was a guy who was so emotional he provided an iconic moment but now its like he is on horse tranquillisers; cannot stand the bloke.

So many of our ex players are awful pundits; Dixon, Keown, Adams, Merson, Parlour, Smith, all English and all so boring, Merson is probably the most interesting out the bunch but thats because his opinion is usually a bit wild.

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I can just picture the scene. It is the year 2045, David Seaman is minding his own business, buying some fishing gear in York.
A TV Reporter stops him in the streets and asks, "Hello, do you remember a European Cup Winners Cup Final in Paris in 1995? The Arsenal goalkeeper got lobbed by Niayim from the halfway line"?
David would look at the Reporter with daggers, and reply, "Yes I f@#k&ng well do remember"!!! David hits the Reporter with his container of fish bait. 🏟️⚽🥅🎤🎥😠🐟🐠🎣

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Has this been posted already? Horrific stuff. So candid, you could cry.
Sad to watch. No question, Jack has the ability, just unlucky with injuries. Think going to West Ham United was a bad move, think he needed to get out of the London scene, and have a new environment. AFC Bournemouth was ideal, a bit quieter, would hopefully allow him to concentrate on his football.
Playing football abroad could be a good option. A new way of life/culture, for him and his family.
Wish Jack and his family all the Best. 🟥⬜

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Yesterday, I went to watch my other team Gloucester City AFC play. They were at home (New Meadow Park), to Curzon Ashton in the National League North.
This was Gloucester's 6th league game of the season. We started the season off well, drawing at Southport, and beating York City at home (York managed by ex Newcastle United player Steve Watson).
We were beaten 2 - 1 by Curzon. The Ref was not great. We have now lost 4 league games in a row. After the match, there was a brawl. Our Captain, Kevin Dawson was red carded during this incident.
This on the back of losing 9 - 0 at Chorley last Saturday. We had Fabien Robert sent off in that game. (Brother of ex Newcastle United player Laurent Robert).
Gloucester City Manager Paul Groves used to play for Grimsby Town. He played for Grimsby against Arsenal in a League Cup tie at Highbury.

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Gloucester City AFC are in FA Cup action on Sunday against Longlevens. Longlevens is literally a place on the outskirts of Gloucester. They are about 3 league's below.
Longlevens are the home team, but the game had been switched to Gloucester's New Meadow Park ground on Police advice. Around 1,500 tickets have been sold so far. I am a GCAFC Season ticket holder, but that is for league games only.
Gloucester City AFC have had a bad record against lower league opposition in the FA Cup. Hope it is not another Giant Killing scenario.

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