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Player: Elneny


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I hope Southend rot in that 5th level tbh.

The fact they chose to have Phil Brown as a manager is enough, but they also ruined one of my winning tickets/accumulators some 10 years ago 😤

I remember I tipped them to win, they were winning 2-0 by the 85th minute and then went on to lose 2-4.


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232 times... we won't see him again this season. Think Barton got 18 months for 35 breaches? Though, I guess the ban may vary depending on whether you've bet on games you've participated in.
Tripper got a lengthy ban because he tipped his mate off about his move to Atletico I'm sure. Toney, if they make an example of him, could be looking at a very, very long time away from football.

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