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Who would be surprised if corruption was discovered to be behind all the batshit refereeing and VAR decisions we've had to endure such as fOrGoT tO dRaW tHe LiNeS 🤪

Nobody can be that crap at their job, surely?

Can someone please check the bank accounts of these refs....

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I chose to believe that the prem is free from corruption yes

I choose to believe governments are free of corruption, and politicians are good honest people.

Corruption is rife everywhere, it's the sad reality of life. Where there is power and influence there will be corruption. People are more easily bought and sold than you can imagine.


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According to @UpTheGunnerz there's no reason to assume any foul play and it's very much possible to be that **** at your job

"Never attribute to malice that which adequately can be explained by stupidity?" Nah- I don't buy it. The vast sums of money we are dealing with and they keep people with that level of incompetence in their jobs?!


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Corruption has always existed throughout history, and will keep on existing til the end of time.

No government especially the so-called super power ones is free from corruption.

If they’re not corrupting their own, they’re certainly doing it to others and almost always Africa is their victim.

Fvck Bartha.
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