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No one mentions Romario. Forgotten already? Was almost as good as Ronaldo.

Romário was another amazing player who reinvented himself on the later stages of his career.

From a goalscoring WF to a fox in the box. Almost had no more money because of how fast he lived, but ever since he had a kid with down syndrome he sort of settled down and eventually got elected as a congressman.


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Lewandowski, Koundé, Azpilicueta, Bernardo, Raphina, keeping Dembele... Barca has no money but they want everyone somehow.

Can they even register their new players ? Didn't they buy Kessie and Christensen ?

They also paid a lot for Ferran Torres not long ago plus Auba' salaries coming in their book. Really weird seeing all those players so desperate to go there given their situation.


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Not to mention that a legendary defender like Paolo Maldini refers to R9 as the best player he's ever played against.
People get all wound up when someone dribbles past Van Dijk but R9 was humiliating defenders 3 levels above him every week when he was 21. What Henry used to do to Carragher, R9 was doing to Nesta and Maldini.


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When evaluating who was better I always like to take the player at his peak. Ronaldo pre injury is a player that for those who never saw, they will simply never understand and comprehend how good he actually was.

Peak R9 is superior to Messi and Ronaldo in my opinion. It's the longevity of their careers careers the lack of injuries that seriously skew the opinion of them, but if you take all 3 at the highest point of their ability, R9 takes it quite easily.

If you were to add Ronaldinho into the mix it's a whole other conversation. If you take Ronaldinho at his peak, it is the closest you can get to R9. They are the two best players I have ever seen play football in my lifetime. Nobody comes close for me.

I get what you are saying and I would probably agree, but when I dont look at a pure attacking player and consider them all, even including longlivity on top of other worldy peak - I might still say Zidane.

No other player was that decisive on the field, he was a different art and he always had an answer under pressure - unlike some of the other names mentioned.

The Brazil - France quarter final encapsulates this quite accurately. A team from France that absolute freakin sucks despite all the world stars without Zidane on the one hand and the super team with Kaka, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and co on the other.

Zidane made them absolute tools on that day and if he was not on the pitch, that lousy France team without him would probably have been slaughtered.

Yet, he simply made them click whenever he wanted to and made Brazil his puppet.


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Raphinha said he grew up loving Henry, didn't he?

So in a way...us having his thread derailed with Thierry propaganda, is the best thing we could have done for him.

You're very welcome, Raph!
Riou in the shadows pulling the strings here. Amazing stuff, loving his work 👏

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Sources are from Goal and don't mention other publications.

Says there'll be more talks this week, player prefers Barça but they need to sell players and trim the wage bill. Leeds want 65m pounds, but the player's staff feel 50m could do it.

Arsenal want to get this over quickly because if it falls through they want to move to another targert.

Some guy on TalkSport who claimed to have spoken to people at Leeds before the window opened said they wanted 100mil combined from Phillips and Raphinha.

He seemed pretty damn certain about it too.

Also was saying Leeds have targets lined up and accept there departures.


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Pace, strength, finishing with both feet and dribbling. Listen to Thierry talk about him. Listen to an egomaniac like Zlatan talk about him. Listen to Mourinho and Pep speak about him. Listen to Zidane talk about him. It's no disrespect to Thierry but he was never at the level R9 was at. He sits at a different table in terms of ability and there's nothing wrong with that. Think of it this way; there are loons who compare Eto'o and Drogba to Henry. Nobody dares compare them to R9. It's unthinkable.
Agree that Ronaldo had more natural ability than Henry but while the knee injuries were a shame you can't really remove them from the equation. When early injuries happen to athletes we tend to extrapolate their trajectory in a way where everything else went perfect. There's no way to know whether he could've kept up the motivation and discipline even without the injury, if he wouldn't have slowed down after a while at Inter anyways, or even if his playing style always meant he'd get injured at some point - see someone like Renato Sanches today whose sudden bursts and explosive movement is too much for his own body to bear.

Ronaldo at Barcelona and early Inter days was the closest thing to Messi level I've seen, above even Cristiano in terms of absolute peak performance, but considering his whole short career he's below Henry who had both a great and prolonged prime.


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Agree that he edges Henry but then at the same time I don’t think there was anything that R9 was clearly better than TH14 at, strength maybe? And flair but that’s not exactly something that makes a player better or worse than another. Okay I’ll give R9 the intricate dribbling as well.

I think comparing Henry to someone like R9 who is widely considered Messi/Ronaldo level at his peak just shows how good Henry was. I don’t know why he’s underrated, baffling.
Henry's reading of the game and decision-making was amazing at his peak too, much better than R9's. The thing is Ronaldo didn't need his teammates half the time, he could just run past everyone. I think a criticism of R9 back then was his finishing could be a bit erratic, Sid Lowe even said he became a much more efficient finisher when he went to Madrid. R9 is maybe the most freakish spectacular ST I've seen, but Henry for a period just had everything, his game intelligence was on another planet. My favourite player of all time and it's not even close.

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Dembele agent is currently at Barcelona look it's going to be vital meeting his out of contract in few days


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Since its quiet. What do you guys think we will do if Chelsea get involved? If they don't get Demebele, they will push for Raphinha ahead of Richarlison.
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