Raul's Transfer Targets: Summer 2019

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by Aevi, Feb 6, 2019.


Who would you rather have?

  1. Rugani

  2. Luiz

  3. Mustafi

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  1. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    We won't get 100M from players sales if we manage to sell elneny Chambers Ospina mustafi for combined 50-60M I'll be so happy
  2. say yes

    say yes To VAR

    No chance that CL is only worth £20m to us.
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  3. truth_hurts

    truth_hurts Well-Known Member

    I would really like two players to come in and start ala Torreria and Leno. Ideally a CB and LB if we play 4 at the back, if we continue with 5 at the back then a CB and CM. I wouldn't mind blowing the bulk on two positions and making cheap/young/smart pick up signings for the rest. Liverpool only bought 3 players of note in this season and it's debatable how much of an impact that Keita has had.
  4. GunnerBP

    GunnerBP Well-Known Member Trusted

    If we qualify for the Champs League, I think we can have a very exciting summer. Not only will players want to come here, but I think we have a lot of youth team players ready to step up and become part of the first team, so we can focus on big signings.

    I'd focus on getting at least two big signings, and I think Umtiti and Nicolas Pepe would be perfect signings. Anything beyond these two would be a bonus, and not even completely necessary.

    Replacing Ramsey will be a big concern, but if we can strengthen our attack and defense, I'd be perfectly okay with trying to solve that problem internally. Joe Willock is too good for the youth team and needs to be with the first team next season or on loan. Also, AMN has performed well at RB, but we need to give him a shot at CM. Xhaka, Torreira, Douzi, AMN, and Willock is a very young midfield, but they're ready.

    In defense, I'd sell Mustafi, keep Chambers, loan Mavro, and ideally buy Umiti. CBs of Umtiti, Kos, Sokratis & Chambers is solid, and Chambers can also fill in at DM and RB. Who knows when Holding will come back, but I'm counting on him to be a bonus for next season.

    Our midfield is the most youthful part of the squad, and I think adding Chambers as a reliable midfield option could help a lot. His experiences at Fulham and Borough having to fight for every point hopefully will have given him the toughness and experience he's needed to play for us.

    At LB, I think Kolasinac, and Monreal are fine, but I'd also try out Bukayo Saka at LB. He plays LB & LW at youth level, but Emery likes his LBs to attack a lot. His speed, strength, and technique could make him an awesome LB or LWB. That might not be his best position, but I think he's good enough to be our 3rd choice next season.

    Also, depending on how ESR and Nelson have developed, I'd be cool with listening to offers for Iwobi and Mkhi, and letting Welbeck leave to clear up space for big signings like Umtiti, Pepe, and Dembele.
  5. Flying Okapis

    Flying Okapis Well-Known Member

    Do these rumours ever go away? 50-70m? :lol:

    This is all pure b.s as usual, pretty much copy and paste around this time each year as the click baits know our fanbase is quick to react on the money rumours and it will get mentioned on AFTV.

    One of the best things about our club is we are actually pretty good at keeping things internal, we have been for years; hardly anyone knows what players we are after or how much we are spending until the last minute when its blatantly obvious.

    Yeah a few rumours get out but for the most part our business is kept quiet, its even frustrating for the fans as we have to all guess until it comes out.

    Auba was a surprise, Wenger leaving was a surprise, Emery coming in was a surprise, we used to be king of the 'undisclosed fee', f*ck what anyone says on twitter in April, its just for attention, acting like the club is setting budgets in April, the types who 'leak' this kind of information won't be anywhere near these kind of discussions yet as the club don't even know how the season will end.
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  6. blaise

    blaise Well-Known Member

    If there is an offer for Özil, Mikhi, Iwobi, Xhaka, Kola we should think about it. Our problem is we never sell at right time but when the whole world knows we are desperate to get rid. Even Laca for right offer, not what we bought him for.
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  7. mujtabahijaz

    mujtabahijaz Member

    Fm mode on.
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  8. blaise

    blaise Well-Known Member

    Well of course not sell everybody but with our finances you ve got to think a bit ahead.

    For example Kola is on really high wages as a fullback and there is quite a possibility he becomes a back up next season depending who we buy. Unai obviously doesnt trust him in back four and that is his preffered formation by all accounts. Now his value is at all time high, but could go down really fast given his wages.

    There are argumentes for all those players, we should sell two at least from my perspective.
  9. Aussie_gunner123

    Aussie_gunner123 Well-Known Member

    Rumours are all just rumours at this stage unfortunately but would anyone take the rumour about us being given the green light & interest in us signing Nicolas Pepe this summer? Umtiti as an extra CB aswell?
  10. Aussie_gunner123

    Aussie_gunner123 Well-Known Member

    I'd presume most of us would take Dembele for next year aswell
  11. Aevi

    Aevi Hands down best mod -Trilly (probably) Moderator

  12. al-Ustaadh

    al-Ustaadh Professor of Twitter

    We should just buy Ajax.
  13. Flying Okapis

    Flying Okapis Well-Known Member

    Not sold on Pepe at all, can't say I've seen a lot of him but what I have seen I don't think the price is what we need to be dropping especially as we will probably only spend that amount on one player so would prefer someone else.

    For 60-70mil I'd like to see what else is out there and if necessary top it up and drop more on someone who is a game changer, not sure Pepe is.
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  14. Ashybashy86

    Ashybashy86 Well-Known Member

    I personally think Bielik is a better player than Chambers. He can also play DM or CB.
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  15. GunnerBP

    GunnerBP Well-Known Member Trusted

    Bielik always looked like a quality talent, but Chambers has to be better than Bielik right now. I haven't watched any of Bielik's matches, but he hasn't played in the EPL yet. Jumping from top talent in the Championship to consistent performer for a top four side is a massive jump.

    If Bielik can do that that would be amazing, but Chambers has to be more ready than him right now.
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  16. al-Ustaadh

    al-Ustaadh Professor of Twitter

    In my opinion, I think Chambers has the potential to do quite well in Emery's back three system at RCB (basically, replacing Mustafi).
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  17. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid Easily Triggered

    Mavropanos - loan
    Sheaf - loan
    Mustafi - sell

    Chambers - in
    Bielk - in
    Star signing CB - in

    And I would consider that improvement.
  18. SingmeasongSong

    SingmeasongSong Glass Half Empty

    And a LB in for our defensive core, then I'm happy
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  19. Flying Okapis

    Flying Okapis Well-Known Member

    Hope Mavroponas can do things either on loan or at the club next season, had high hopes for him when he burst onto the scene, also kind of hoping for a mean Greek partnership with Sokratis..
  20. Sammy1887

    Sammy1887 Still Hating Reed in 2019

    Any chance of us putting in a cheeky 5m loan bid for De Ligt?
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