Reiss Nelson: 2019/20 Performances

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by razörist, Aug 9, 2019.

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    C'mon guys, cut the kid some slack. I agree that his performance was not so good, but If you took a really keen eye, you'll realise that it sure was better than last weak imho. In this league, even minor improvements matter alot for the kids.

    What he needs to do is to get his chin up, stop feeling sorry for himself and keep on improving and fast cos he isn't going to get this chances often if he ****s up like he's done on the two match days.
    Anyways, it's undisputable that he's got the raw talent so its just a matter of him believing in his ability and just let it the **** out.

    I like it that he looked unimpressed with his performance when he was he was taken off which shows his hunger to improve. He might not be very ready for our standard especially this year when we need to get back in the champions league but short cameos here and there will definately improve him. If he somehow manages to get his U23 grove on by the time Pepe gets his feet, Emery's will have one hell of a head ache with his team sheet!
    Heres to hoping he gets better.
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  2. hydrofluoric acid

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    It was my feeling that many on here didn't rate him and felt his game was flat and many went as far writing that they didn't see what ability he had, a little bit like with Iwobi. You saw some asking questions "what does he excels at?". Others wanted to sell him as soon as possible...

    I was constantly trying to debate what ability he showed at u23 level and that if he managed to transition it to senior level he could become a very good player. But it seemed at the time people lacked patience for giving players a little developing time here and there.
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  3. MutableEarth

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    He absolutely was.
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  4. truth_hurts

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    It adds up now why he wasn't getting loads of game time at Hoffenheim. He can contribute this year and will make it. He should start all cup and Europa games and is a good option off the bench. It may be better for him not to carry the media hype - imagine the pressure if he had scored a couple in his first two games!
  5. Trilly

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    Willock hardly played this time last season which is what hydro was claiming.
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    He needs to be an option of the bench with simple instructions. 20 minutes against a tiring and potentially more open defense will see him being more productive. Don't think he's physically ready or confident enough to impose himself from the start.

    He's not really making mistakes right now which is a good thing but it looks like he's being too cautious. Looks almost like an AM on the wing just circulating the ball.
  7. Garrincha

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    Seen hardly any of the youth team in recent years so no idea what his level like there but last two games a pretty fair representation of his September / October / November Hoffenheim level.
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    No punctuation = can't read.
  9. razörist

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    So I am used to talents getting the chance over the long-term from Ajax. De Ligt came into the team at 17, he made some crucial mistakes but three different coaches stuck by him and look at him now. Frenkie when he broke through was criticized for keeping the ball too long and risking losing it in dangerous positions in front of his own goal. Donny kept missing crucial chances time after time again, even in the CL groupstage but they stuck by him and with crucial goals he almost got Ajax into the final of the champions league.

    So here I read, after two games, Nelson is not ready, confidence is not there, he needs a loan etc. Why can’t we play a guy like Nelson and Willock for 10 games straight and give him a real chance? Always it’s the same story, we need to win, we can’t wait on talents. At Ajax it’s a failed season if they don’t win the title. And still they bet on these young players, because they believe in their talent, and believe in the long-term rewards. Why can’t we? If Nelson grows into his role, we have a left winger for ten years. If Willock stays in the team we have a box-to-box cm for 10 years, if Guendouzi continues like this we have a starting midfielder for France bought for almost nothing. It’s worth it to stick by these guys. We are not City, we can’t buy two superstars for every position. These guys have the talent, give them time.
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  10. Trilly

    Trilly The John Cross of Ilford

    It’s not about being against youth, but we’re not going to put youth ahead of results. We’re a big club.

    Willock took his chance Nelson didn’t. But the key thing is that they’ll both continue to get chances, as long as we continue to give the youth chances we’re doing our part.
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  11. razörist

    razörist Soft With The Ladies, Hard With The Mes

    Arsenal is not the first big club in the world. World football is filled with first teamers at top clubs that developed, made mistakes and grew at their club. Don’t forget how we were getting top 4 10 years straight with young talented players that also made lots of mistakes, didn’t perform every week and grew to be great players for our club.

    A chance is not two games, a chance is a real chance, where you stick by them even if they don’t take it in the first few games. Long term Nelson will have so much upside, it’s worth to bleed him now, even if it costs us. These young players growing up at your club and becoming centre pieces are what make a club, gives a team soul and identity. That is worth much more than short-term results.
  12. 9jagooner

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    2 games too little to judge a player whether he's 19 or 29 especially for a player who has played a whole season for us at a younger age and didn't do too badly.

    That said, Reiss didn't do himself any favour with the way he almost threw his chance away when he went on loan last season.
    As it is, we've played him in two games and we've won both games. We play Liverpool in a week, do we keep a "winning team" or take off Reiss? Up to the manager to make the decision.
    But over the course of the season, if he doesn't go on loan, I'll recommend we keep him in the squad but he needs to show improvements on the pitch. There are a few players knocking on the door
  13. Wrighty4eva

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    Realist sh!t I ever read on here, bravo :Celebration:
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  14. Garrincha

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    Its hard to fully back youth when jobs on the line. Realistically Emery does not get a new deal without CL football. Raul + the other suit probably need it within 24 months as well with the high risk / high reward transfers + being promoted early above position.

    No position is safe enough under the Kronkes other than Edu after the free pass Raul gave him.
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  15. arsenefc

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    i thought he is playing within himself, doing the basics, playing the percentages and keeping the game flowing. Quite a mature performance. Did what was needed. He gets better every game.
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  16. Trilly

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    To give Nelson ten games in a row you’re talking about benching Pepe or Laca. You’re also talking about giving him minutes he doesn’t deserve ahead of them, just because he’s young?

    Giving the youth time is something that sounds nice and everyone would like but when push comes to shove and Emery has to select an eleven, how many people will be happy if he starts Nelson over Laca for the next ten games?:lol:

    We need to get back into the CL in the most competitive league in the world, we can’t be compared to Ajax.
  17. The_Playmaker

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    I don't think Willock got killed, I just think his benefits were less obvious to see. I didn't understand the hype around him when Wenger pushed him, but I get it now.

    It's not so much to do with raw ability, but more so his physical potential but more importantly his mental state. You have players who are superb in training but are slightly inhibited when in a match situation. They become safe based on confidence.

    Willock probably plays how he trains. He makes mistakes but doesn't get in his own head. He messed up two counters before he created that chance for Torreira. Nelson loses the ball and then it inhibits him from beating his man and getting a shot off. Yet we know he can bend in free kicks from 30 yards and has the dribbling ability to beat players.

    Nelson simply needs to release the shackles and go for it. In the league I can understand a little restraint but he has no reason to show restraint in the cup games.
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  18. say yes

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    Nelson’s current ability was always overrated on here so I’m not at all surprised that he’s getting in the neck now that people have actually watched him play.

    Typical AM mentality of building a player up unnecessarily and then tearing them down, rather than just staying sensible and moderate throughout.

    He’s not ready to start for us but if Emery continues to give him chances he’ll develop a lot this season. He’s a big talent.
  19. samshere

    samshere Why so serieuse?

    Agree with this. Develop Nelson away from the spotlight. He'll get plenty of chances in the league cup, fa cup, and the Europa League. We don't need to jeopardise our PL top four push just so that we can develop a player. And even if we want to develop him that way, I'd prefer him to come on as a sub in the second half instead of starting the match.
    We need to play Laca - Auba - Pepe as much as we can, as its that front 3 thats going to be our first team. Give them time together to understand each other's movement, strengths and weaknesses. Bed Nelson in gradually, till he's able to contribute, or if one of the front 3 get injured.
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  20. BigPoppaPump

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    This is Arsenal not Ajax, we're not the best and richest team in this league. We've had many young players we've given loads of minutes to who didn't amount to much or just f*cked off after spending years injured. I'm not gonna be bright eyed or excited for young players anymore, they need to prove they deserve to get chances rather than just getting chances.

    Well when you put it like that...
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