Rob Holding: I'm Sorry He Didn't Cost £55 Million

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Marjorie, Aug 18, 2020.

  1. TromsoGooner

    TromsoGooner Well-Known Member

    Most people seem to realise that he is just not very good. He has been very overrated by many for a long time. His supposedly great performance in the final in 2017 and his run in the side when we went on that unbeaten run under Emery probably explains why, even though that run was very underwhelming. The fact that he is English and seems very likeable helps him too, and many Arsenal-fans probably still have this hope of another Adams. I know many say he will have a solid career in the PL for the likes of Burnley or WBA but I am not so sure. Very likeable guy but I would sell for anything above 5M.
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  2. Dennis_Bergkamp_10

    Dennis_Bergkamp_10 Well-Known Member

    I personally felt that he was having a good spell under Emery, being a starter until that injury at Old Trafford. These types of knee injuries can take something out of a player as well, we've seen it with Walcott and Bellerin too.

    Anyway, can't see him being a starter for us with these defenders we're signing. Could keep him as a cheap backup, or sell to a club like Leeds. I'm indifferent about either option really.
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  3. Macho

    Macho Well-Known Member Trusted

    Nice goal.
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  4. CaseUteinberger

    CaseUteinberger Cazorla (not Carzola ffs)

    It was a real peach for sure.
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  5. BigPoppaPump

    BigPoppaPump Contrarian

    You can tell Arteta like him, looks like he'll be getting a lot of games next season. You love to see it.
  6. OSBK

    OSBK Well-Known Member

    English mustafi
  7. UpTheGunnerz

    UpTheGunnerz Attention Seeker

    Rob Solding
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  8. BigPoppaPump

    BigPoppaPump Contrarian

    If he plays well and everyone starts to like him I want you all to change your avatars to a picture of Scott Steiner.
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  9. Macho

    Macho Well-Known Member Trusted

    Not happening.
  10. BigPoppaPump

    BigPoppaPump Contrarian

    Can’t wait till February 2021 when half of this forum’s avi’s is a pic of Big Poppa Pump.
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  11. Manberg

    Manberg Predator

    How've you come to that conclusion? Holding was 4th choice, was used after Mustafi and Mari got injured.
  12. BigPoppaPump

    BigPoppaPump Contrarian

    That’s only because Arteta was easing him back in after ACL. Now that he’s getting closer to full fitness he’s one of the first names on the team sheet.
  13. Manberg

    Manberg Predator

    You can't treat that statement as fact. If Mari and Mustafi were fit I doubt Holding would've got into the team.
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  14. Fewtch

    Fewtch Ozil at 10 And Emery Out

    Yup, We signed Saliba and Gabriel as back ups for Rob Holding.
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  15. nick gould

    nick gould Well-Known Member

    Not a single comment in here. Perhaps the only one from our starting line up today with no comments. Let's give the guy some love. Played well I think.
  16. Furious

    Furious Emery Gone, Telly Back On

    Yeah, solid game. Newcastle, I'm sorry but he's costs 50M.
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  17. Pop Tart

    Pop Tart Well-Known Member

    I agree. 3 finals with him in and we won them all. I think he is a solid player, needs to improve but in think Arteta can help him. I would keep even as backup
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  18. truth_hurts

    truth_hurts Well-Known Member

    Only got raped once yesterday. He weren't terrible, but he is terrible. No future for him here so we need him gone. A loan isn't ideal, but will do for now.
  19. Marjorie

    Marjorie Thread Monopolizer

    That's bottom of the barrel stuff. Know you don't like the guy, but jeez
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  20. truth_hurts

    truth_hurts Well-Known Member

    Pretty normal football terminology in football when a defender gets done. This snowflake era is so depressing.

    Mane raped Holding.

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