Rob Holding: I'm Sorry He Didn't Cost £55 Million


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You know damn well he's getting the boot. I expect this thread to be closed come season start.


Has Trust Issues With Processes
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I feel like he's been here long enough, he's had his chances - he hasn't quite convinced (me anyways)..he has kinda regressed in someways due to injury.

I dunno man, if we get our CB targets and an offer for him comes in why not take it?


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No...but you are normally a difficult person to please, unsure what Holding has done to get your backing.

I just feel like rooting for him on his return from an ACL injury, always had a soft spot for him and Chambers and injuries f*cked them.

Also the hate for Arsenal defenders is some carousel and you can’t hate every single one. You gotta pick one to root for.

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He is very inconsistent, he has potential but maybe it's the right time to move him on. Injuries have not helped

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Sell. Charlie Nicholas was brutal in a recent interview. He said we should take money for Hector as he hasn't regained pre injury form but he had no time for Holding, Chambers, Sok and Mustafi even though he was fairly measured. Holding has had time but hasn't done enough despite injury.


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Have never really seen anything in this guy, I dont know why people are making out his injury ruined him. Slow, poor on the ball and terrible 1v1. He's decent when the team is really compact and deep, as he is quite good in the air and at blocking shots.

He'd be decent for a Burnley or Palace, I can't really see him fitting in a Bielsa team.

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