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✍️ OFFICIAL Rob Holding (Out)

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It'll be great to see multiple fa cup winner playing for good ol luton, please accept it Rob

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Spain would be a nice move for him.
Tbh would bite your hand off at 3 or 4m for him now.

Luton though would be a good opportunity to show if he can still cut it in the prem?

Even if they get relegated if he does well he can get a move to another prem side next season.

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Most likely made up bs
Yeah the part ex for Guehi is a long shot. If anyone was serious they would have put in a decent offer by now rather than leaving it so late.
Clubs 'Keeping tabs' lol , same as Villa/Toon with KT🤔.

Clubs are just keeping their options open & will likely be looking for a loan/cheap deal if CB cover is needed on deadline day.


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Rob Holding can't find a spot here & surely can't get a spot here in the future. Surely for his sake it's better off he finds a spot anywhere & we'd take a bit of money for him.


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Lol so a nobody from United is ahead of Rob Holding. This guy is the Carl Jenkinson 2.0.

Why would Holding play for a terrible team like Luton when he can go and live in Mallorca and play football? It's more likely he has said no to them.
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