Discussion in 'Football Talk' started by Deano, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. Deano

    Deano New Member

    After watching Brazil V Germany last night I was so pleased that the scum never signed Ronaldinho. I imagined Fergie sitting in a big chair, red faced.drinking pints of scotch with his nose flashing throwing knives at pictures of Peter Kenyon while Ron scores a gret free kick.

    (I think that Ron has now scored more goals from free kicks than Roberto Carlos.)
  2. jester

    jester New Member Trusted

    lol, i saw that - carlos had a big part too in that free kick, pretending to run up and all that. Great free-kick, cause ronaldinho didnt even run up, just stepped foward and took it.
  3. DaViEsW

    DaViEsW New Member

    Ronaldinho playing off Henry would be devestating, however unlikely that it'll ever happen. But I agree, seeing Ronaldinho play for Barcelona now makes me thank Christ he opted from them over Man Utd. :|
  4. kanuuu

    kanuuu New Member

    We should've put a bid in for him when he was at PSG, unfortunately we didn't have any money. :(

    A team with henry, ronaldinho, Pires Reyes and bergkamp would be ****ing scary!
  5. Mark

    Mark New Member Elite

    Ronnie and Henry are the best players in the world so if they were together it would just be perfection. I'm really glad he didn't go to the Mancs.
  6. Canuck

    Canuck New Member Elite

    Ya, if we could add Ronnie to our team then we would have the most devestating front line ever...no arguing about that.
    I'm also really glad he opted to stay out of England. He could really do some damage in the EPL. And I'd rather it was not against us...
  7. Loylz

    Loylz Moderator Moderator

    TBH Carlos doesn't score that many free kicks. They just look nice when they go in, so are remembered.
  8. jeromelee

    jeromelee New Member

    Damn straight we're lucky ronnie didn't end up a f*cking mancshitty united player. That guy is dangerous. Instead manure's got bellion and djemba2 to add firepower to their midfield :)
  9. lewdikris

    lewdikris New Member Elite

    Pires - Henry - Reyes - Ronaldinho

    Ouch. Goal scoring average up from 4 goals a game to 8.

    **** Ashburton Grove, buy the bucktoothed wonder and let's have some fun!
  10. Soler

    Soler New Member Elite

    I like your thinking, lewd ;D
  11. lewdikris

    lewdikris New Member Elite

    Well, rather than scrapping the whole thing, they could just not build one of the stands. They could just build a hill instead and let people fight it out for seats.

    Probably be about how much he'd cost.
  12. Piston Broke

    Piston Broke New Member

    If i'm honest when the Manc's were after Ronnie i didn't rate him at all & thought let him go there it won't change anything we'll still kick their Ar*e all over the pitch. But since watching him at Barca I've changed my tune & think thank god he didn't go to Manure he is one Serious Talent and IMO the next Zidane
  13. Soler

    Soler New Member Elite

    The Ashburton Grove Mural :D
  14. Unbeaten

    Unbeaten New Member

    I would give away my left leg if Ron would go to Arsenal! :)
  15. Loylz

    Loylz Moderator Moderator

    There are now actual stands as the stadium is round.

    Ouch. That's over the top mate.
  16. jeromelee

    jeromelee New Member

    Muahahha, you got some of that Chelscum blood in you mate!

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